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    So long story short this guy ive gone out with a couple times came over Saturday night after my night out. texted him at 11 to come over. Total booty call but whatever, and I apparently gave him a hickey on his neck, which i apologized for. I honestly dont remember giving it to him , i was tipsy and so into it but I said im sorry about 5 times. I get it, id hate to go into work with one but still
    . my girlfriend thinks hes so mad about it because he’s seeing other girls and just being shady. To me, thats fine because we arent exclusively dating but shes saying since hes being a baby about it i should just stop seeing him and hes not worth it. In reality, hes probably not, but i wanted to hear if any of you guys have the same story or anything about guys getting really upset about the little things. Thanks!

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    How does someone NOT know they’re getting a hickey?!

    But next time… Suck lower.

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    If you aren’t exclusive, him seeing other women shouldn’t even be something to factor in.

    Its his preference to not have a hickey, it looks unprofessional strolling into work with one of those. I totally get his annoyance.

    I don’t like them and never have. Perhaps he feels the same way.

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    Raven I thought the same thing lol I mean, maybe his skin jut shows more than others but I just thought it was funny.

    I get him not wanting one, that’s fair I wouldn’t either, but I can cover it up with make up. Just seems like he blew up about such a small thing where he could have easily been like “next time…. blah blah” but maybe he doesn’t want a next time. Time will tell

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    Gotta admit, haven’t had a hickey since high school….oh and I have real sex

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    He probably has a girl he’s really interested in going out with, and having a hickey won’t help much

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    Hey Hey

    Its hard to tell, but the fact that he got so upset over it could be a flag. Like you said time will tell.

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    Guess I just assumed that if he liked me as much as he said he did, it wouldn’t be such a big deal? If the roles were reversed I’d be upset as well, but wouldn’t hold it over the guy, I’d accept his apology and move on. Oh well. Thanks everyone

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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