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    Hello everyone,
    I think I need a little help from the wise people here.

    I am dating this guy , we met on a dating app end of february and since then we were contently in contact. It was a chemistry in the beguiling but I was trying also to have deeper conversations with the guy in order to know him, I think he also enjoyed our conversations, we met in person three weeks ago and it was really good, the week after he invited me to his place (he lives in different city) and we had a very passionate weekend – well the sex was good, can’t hide it but also some conversations about relationships, i think i communicated what i wanted from him, and the way he was talking to me was like : let’s see where this will go.. I was exited about him, tryed to keep it cool like i am still wondering about him. Joked that my friend send me a video to see if a man deserves my attention and he replayed that is this that i am going to check. But suddenly after last Friday he stopped initiating any contact, any. He just wrote me fist thing in the morning on Sunday because he missed my late Saturday call. We spoke , we joke . Than on monday i wrote him : have a success in work in the morning he replayed but since then nothing. I left 3-4 days not talking to him and yesterday i called him-he answered immediately my call, I tried to have a normal friendly conversation like nothing happened, without raising at all the question why he disappeared, just at one point I said that i miss our weekend and that was it,but the conversation was a little but ordinary , did not feel him warm to me, but not distant either, just normal after i said talk to you later and closed the phone. Didn’t call any more, one week now I have this horrible feeling that I have lost him. This is what is killing me – such a sudden shift in behavior. Is this a sign he just started talking to another girl. For the moment we are all blocked at home because of the virus.

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    Just saw i ve wrote something wrong here.

    When i sais i ve communicated what i want it wasn’t like what I want from him but I said that i wanted a relation and have family in future but only with the right person , he said that he also wanted to have a family but also with the right person and that he is a little cared from the responsibility but he is more scared to stay alone – he is 35 I am 34 btw, so down the conversation he joked that i will become addicted to the good sex and i said that i get addicted to other things, he asked what and i replied that i get addicted to cool personalities , caring character …. then he said Let’s see where this will go… and we continued. joking and talking. For me this conversation was like him saying ok I do not know if it is you but let’s see. I just did not expect such a sudden shift in behavior 5 days later after having again on sunday a long conversation full with humor, he even was joking about my father and his big girl and her heart not being stolen yet…. previously he also had jokes in the same sens.

    even his jokes changed during our last call – he said that after the weekend we spent he can die from the corona virus and then I will have to look for another man, i answered : should i look than now? he said ” as you wish ” – a real shift in behavior. I know that for the moment the door is closed so i decided to leave it there and do not contact him any more. Do you think he might come back?

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    You should never be sleeping with a guy that quickly.

    As well telling him what you wanted from him is enough for any man to run for the hills. Talking about wanting a family? You hardly know him!

    He’s gone girl. He enjoyed the sex, he’s done.

    What are you doing having sex with strangers with the Conovirus going around??

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    If a guy starts to fade away after sex you know what it means.
    Forget it, move on…

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