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    (He is my long term childhood friend who lives in other state.I had a crush at him at one point and I thought it was mutual.But he had to move away and circumstances were not in favour and neither did he approached him. So it never worked.Though we continued to stay friends.)
    We were at a party having fun.I honestly was happy that i was over him and we were actually getting along agian as old times And amidst a game when his turn came , he refused to let me whisper in his ears(In the game, one team chooses a participant &whisper or indicate a sentence and then he acts out it to let his teammates guess ..).
    He said he doesn’t like whispering n stuff.I was still cool n said i will write it you instead(As i had done with some other participants too).
    As i was grabbing the pen n paper ,he showed his phone to me with a handwritten note with”Go to the hell” ,n he said smiling that write here.I didn’t understand why he wrote that n showed to him,meanwhile one of our other friends asked him to give him his phone to let him see snaps but he denied at once n quickly erased that.
    I couldn’t understand why he did so and I was surely hurt and we continued with the game. But of course i had lost my cool.
    Later he came towards my car and was gonna say something but i chose to pretend to sleep. He asked my friend if i am sleeping,she said I wasn’t but then when I didn’t respond.He just took off.
    So i mean what does it really mean? The thing is i am hurt. Actually really hurt .May be he thinks i still have a crush on him that’s why he was saying me to back out or something? But I didn’t approach him anyhow in the first place so why to do that? We were happy as friends again then why did he do such a childish thing? N that whispering that ? Come on ? Everyone else was doing it, n what was the big deal. Please share your views.

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    Better off single

    Sounds like a huge misunderstanding

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    He sounds like a turd…

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    Or 14 years old…

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    You pretended to be asleep in your car, how old are you?

    What a silly thing to do rather than just communicate.

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    I pretended to sleep cuz if he saw me crying he would have known that i liked him back then and may be i like him still.
    So I avoided him.
    Though i texted him now and he replied with ‘what’. He asked me when did he do that! So I replied him that may be I misunderstood. But he insisted to remind him of the situation. He didn’t seem to remember so i felt more confused.Though he checked his notes and sent me that one asking if it was that.
    So i am concluding that it was nothing. May be he just wrote it and didn’t mean to diss me.right? So I am the strange one right? I wonder how you guys would have thought or what should i have done ?

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    Problem is, You still like him more than a friend…

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    Maybe,but it’s not something i can control.And it doesn’t change anything.I won’t tell him so & i won’t act so.I was all cool at the party too.Except that damned note incident.So would you not get hurt seeing such a note? Did I overreact?

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    Walk away…

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