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    My fwb and I agreed to this situation/relationship/title 5 months ago. In the beginning it was just sex and I would quickly leave after. As time went on, I allowed him to come to my house as well. He calls me and we text. Normally about things other than sex. About a month into this, he started asking me every time he saw me if I was seeing anyone else. I always answered honestly and said no, but I never asked him. He invited out with his friends and has now spoken with one of my children on the phone and I have spoken with one of his children on the phone. He has spent the night at my house (when my children were not home), and he has a key to my house. I’m confused because I don’t know if he is really serious about me? Or if this is just a normal fwb situation. I have at this point in time developed feelings and think maybe I’m seeing what I want to see. Please help!

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    The best and only way to know is to have that conversation! Just be authentic and honest with him, whereas if he doesn’t feel the same way then its best for you to get out of this situation as quickly as possible!

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    I agree with Lane. You need to be honest and let him know that your feelings have changed. He may be feeling the same way and is worried how you’ll react if he says something, or he isn’t and is just getting more comfortable with you. Either way, you probably need to find out sooner rather than later.

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    It is not normal for a FWB to talk to your kids, have a house key etc. IMO, when the kids know about you it needs to be clarified as to where this is headed.

    Just know that it is easier for guys to NOT emotionally connect than it is for women. I have a FWB and have had amazing, romantic, connecting sex with him and he is incredibly nice and a friend, and laying in bed after sex, he starts chatting about his *ideal* woman. It’s fine by me, we are not dating, he is not my ideal man (we have a 20 year age difference). But men can feel amazingly connected even if you are not the one.

    So proceed with caution- for every FWB that becomes a relationship, it feels like there are 10 that end with a disappointed woman.

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    Even men who are not serious about a woman want to have exclusive sexual access to her, so his asking if you’re seeing anyone else means nothing.

    He has a key to your house. Do you have a key to his home? Why would you give a key to a man who is not your boyfriend?

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    Better off single

    FWB means you’re good enough for sex thats it.

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