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    Long story short… We dated for three months, we decided to move on and he asked me to stay as “friends” … I zero communication for two months because I needed to let go, and out of the blue he texted… We exchanged a few texts and he disappeared for another month to text me again asking me how everything is going. Then disappeared, not even read my message. He was never like that when we were dating, he used to text me all day every day… Is he trying to send me a message with that attitude???

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    No he is bored. Stop responding to lame texts. And look up the term e tethering which is what he is doing to you.

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    I think he wants me to feel what he felt from my lack of contact for a long time, little does he know that I did it to move on, not to hurt his feelings. I did like him a lot but I also wanted to cut all ties for my own mental sanity. I’m not interested on going back to him, although his contact is making me miss him. Is he trying to manipulate me so I want him back? It’s just annoying.

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    You sound crazy.

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    Three months was pretty short. Then a month of no contact, really a short unproductive bump in your life.

    Go ahead and wonder what is in his head, you have already moved on.

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    I sound crazy, omg? Lol I didn’t know you could hear me? Trolling much?

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    You do sound crazy. It was a three month fling. And no he isn’t ranting you back. You trying to read into his motives for texting is laughable.

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    Omg, Wow and Carolyn are new here all of a sudden and they may be the same person as none of them have anything positive or useful to say.

    Someone or some people have launched some kind of hate campaign on this site lately. It’s ugly. I’d never post a question here.

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    I think he is trying to see if you are still interested, don’t reply if you aren’t
    no point staying in touch no matter if you haven’t spoken for a month or a week.

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    Omg/wow/really etc – same person. It’s weird that with this new crop of nasty posters also comes the exit of some longtime posters like Emma and Stephen.

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    Lurker (original one)

    Sorry to thread Jack but I’m with Anon in that there are some odd new users. Someone stole my name, and it’s pissed me off! They sound like Emma to me.

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    Romina, the BEST thing to do in these situations is to remove their number or block them altogether.

    Men have a list of contacts and when bored, like getting his oil changed, will scroll through it and hit up numerous people to see which one takes the bait. He could have hit up say four and say all four and responded to say one or two until his oil was changed and then disappeared on the too!

    It’s called ‘e-tethering’ and I advise you don’t fall into this trap from hereon. Delete, block and move on from these men is the BEST tactic you can take to avoid or end this problem altogether.

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    Sorry Anon but I haven’t posted since Friday. I revealed too much last Friday and I have been too embarrassed to show my face. I have been seriously disenchanted with the internet for sometime and this whole JC business has made me so sick of the internet and made me realise that the web is Chernobyl level toxic.
    From now on I intend to use the internet for business emails and spend 98% of my time in the real world. I suggest that we all do the same.

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    he messages you when he is at a loose end. or just generally. he did suggest that you guys can remain friends. his behaviour doesn’t indicate that he wants to get back with you. but yes he likes you and I think he messages you just generally. don’t read too much into it. just a casual hello or catching up over chat with whats happening doesn’t really indicate any interest in rekindling things. so pls do not build up any hopes. but if his messaging disturbs you or confuses you than you need to block him out.

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    WTF and Anon: I’m not new here, just more vocal. I’m also not Omg, wow or really. Don’t know why you have some vendetta against me but considering Mike was never kicked off the site for all his crap and L, Stephen and Better off Single are all still here with their crazy antics. You better get used to having me around chicas!!

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    I gave the exact advice Lane did, before she did. How is that abusive or wrong? Clearly the guy is just stringing her along and texting in bored mode.

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    DEAR ROMINA (original poster):
    Someone above posted in their response about “E-tethering”. I highly suggest you look into that because it sounds exactly like what your guy is doing to you. The only message he’s trying to send is that he’s trying to keep you close enough for when he wants to use you again.

    Verdict: total jerk. Move on from this guy.

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    First off, why are you wondering about his motives? Could it be you still hope something will come from it?

    Whatever he is doing certainly shows nothing productive. He is texting out of what ifs or boredom and you responded like you have time and now has you thinking about it. Also you say you dated for 3 months but was he actually a bf to be called an ex?

    Point is, a man (especially one from your past) has to be putting much more effort than this to be considered worthy to be thinking about. If he isn’t then he WILL only waste your time. It’s a dead end. No point in asking what he is up to. Just ignore things like that.

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