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    I’m a little confused by this guy I like. Firstly he’s in a relationship so I would never try anything with him but I’m not entirely sure he’s happy with them. We have known each other for a while now and our conversations always seem to be about current relationships (his) or exes. He always asks me if I’ve met anyone else yet and if things are OK with me and my ex. He works with my ex and although he barely sees him at work (he sees me more) he says its awkward for him. Why? I’d understand if he saw him often. He always says me and him get on well. The girl he’s with is pregnant but he told me he has doubts the baby is his and wants a DNA test. Anytime he mentions his relationship he never says its going well, just that he will see how it goes. Although that was before his gf fell pregnant. I don’t understand why he keeps asking if I’m seeing anyone or why he asks how things are with my ex. He’s also started asking about my family. He’s moving soon and was showing me pics of his house. I was telling him about my ex and he was telling me about being unsure this baby was his and he said “it sounds like we’re both having a tough time” like we could relate to each other in a way. Maybe he just likes talking to me. I don’t know. He offers to help me sometimes. A few times after we’ve spoke he will start to walk away and then turn back and look at me for a few seconds so I’ll smile and then he will walk away fully. Not once does he take his eyes off me when talking to me. Could he be interested or am I looking to deep into this?

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    He has a pregnant girlfriend! Please stop having conversations with this guy unless they are professional. Your making assumptions on a guy who has a girlfriend and is having a child with her!!!! Please have some dignity and walk away stop entertaining this. Even f he liked you why would you be interested in someone who is unfaithful and has no respect for his girlfriend?

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    Why does this matter …?

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    I agree with Raven. If he is dating someone, he’s not available. Why are you concerned whether he likes you or not?

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    What a catch! Pregnant girlfriend, doubting paternity, flirting with you in the meantime. Total catch. :(

    You are developing a crush on this guy and are probably reading more into the situation than is actually there.

    Can you please be a girl’s girl (or a woman’s woman) and just stay away from him? Put yourself in the other woman’s shoes and think about how much you’d like it if your shady boyfriend flirts with someone while you’re knocked up with his kid. And let’s be honest — it’s probably his. He’s only telling you things that you want to hear.

    Walk. Away. From. This. Drama.

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