Does he like me and is it too late to explain myself?

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    I have a guy friend who started flirting with me a year ago. We had a few drinks and he told me he wanted to take me out. This happened twice but I was just out of a bad relationship and in an emotionally bad place so I panicked and never answered him. I also assumed he was just drunk. He played it off by saying it would be weird anyways. He’s still very protective of me and I catch him staring at me alot and offering to help me and looking for me in a group setting, etc. Does he actually like me, and should I explain why I never answered him? I guess I just regret it now that I’m in a good place.

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    If you would like to date him now-or see if it is a possibility-just say ” Awhile ago you mentioned something about us going out on a date. If you want to do to that-I think i would say yes.” Say something to that affect. Be sure that you really would like to date him first, and be prepared that he might have changed his mind or be seeing someone…

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    The only person that knows the answer would be him. He may still be interested or now only sees you as a friend.

    If, you are interested in revisiting that conversation I’d explain to him why you never took him up on the offer and ask if the offer is still open.

    Timing is everything and you weren’t ready to date, no big deal there. It would have been problematic had you been in a bad place trying to date him.

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    T from NY

    Also beware if you do end up going out. Don’t sleep with him quickly or without an understanding of what you’re relationship is – as we’ve seen way to many women write into this forum talking about how their trust was broken by a man they were friends with for years ghosting them after sex and some casual dating.

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    Amen to that T! Hard to see so many women here making the same mistakes over and over.

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