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    Mary sheley

    This guy I was chatting with for few months is much busier than me. He chased me first and I reciprocated. We were chatting back and forth and sometimes he goes silent for few days and replies after if I send follow up text. We usually sext exchange pictures or flirt so convo is never like hey how are you etc. I asked him if he is annoyed I leave him random pics or texts even if he hasn’t replied but he said no girl, you can send me anything you want, anytime. I’m just texting him when I feel like it, if he replies I’ll continue and if he doesn’t I will text him again after few days opening a discussion. The last time he asked me to meet and I said I’ll let him know cause I was busy and couldn’t make it so not sure if he is annoyed I’m texting and not meeting (told him weekends I am meeting with my friends and had birthday party to attend that particular Saturday so I just didn’t make it – he’s always expecting me to organize stg and didn’t wanna take a bus for 3hrs to meet and just leave cause he doesn’t like taking the bus himself to travel to me-its not fair I think) With most of the guys I date, I do much of the work can’t sit back and led them lead somehow I end up dominating. Few guys liked that and some others told me straightforward it’s too much for them. So unless the guys explicitly tells me I’m not interested or don’t feel it, I wouldn’t stop doing the first step. I’m just having a crisis as a female as being chased makes me miserable and bored. I like the excitement of waiting for a text or arranging to meet or send flirty texts than playing hard to get, my friends told me I should let my feminine energy out if I want to match with a guy but I’m confused. Would appreciate honest opinions to improve my dating life.

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    Listen to your friends.

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    Changing your core personality, what makes you YOU, just to find a guy won’t work long term. So stop chasing men who don’t want to be caught as its a complete waste of your time and is impacting your self-esteem or you wouldn’t be here asking for help.

    You need to fid a Beta guy who likes a dominating woman. I am not feminine either but I like the man to lead, and be a co-partner too so I do best with a mixed Alpha/Beta guy—not too Alpha or too Beta but just the right balance of both lol.

    Alpha men will lead and dominate but a Beta will not, nor help you much, so you can dominate them to your hearts content. You can’t chase Alpha’s into a relationship so I would stop wasting your time on these type of guys, and find those you can chase into a relationship because then you get a good feel of what you want and partner up the best with, which is what dating is about—figuring out the type of guy you gel with best, past the chase, to determine the type of relationship you like or don’t like, so you have a good chance of lasting long-term when you meet him. If you don’t think past the chase, then you’re just going to keep running on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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