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    My boyfriend of 1 year doesn’t post on instagram but follows about 20 of his friends. He has the app just to check in on his friends. He said I was welcome to follow him, but he didn’t want to look at mine because he doesn’t want to overreact to a picture I post (such as partying or posing with guys). He has gone theough my account once.

    I’m just confused cause whenI like someone, I want to know more about them and follow their social media.

    It this just a lack of interest or does he really want to avoid seeing “too much” of me?

    I googled this situation to see if there is anyone w the same problem but couldn’t find any

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    I think you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Is the relationship good otherwise? Do you enjoy the time you spend together? That’s what really matters. Not social media.

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    This sort of question is exactly why me and my bf purposely don’t have each other on any social media. It doesn’t mean anything yet causes so much strife.

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    Do you want a relationship with a human or with a website…?

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    Ok no need for the smart ass comments…. Just want opinions and if anyone had similar experiences since I never dated anyone that doesn’t use social media. The relationship is good. Good to know Anon that there are couples that mutually avoid social media

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    Amy S

    I guess if you have a good relationship then its just a quirk of his. People can get touchy about this stuff if anything he sounds like he needs to lighten up a bit but its not a deal breaker. x

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    I have the same dilema as well my boyfriend do not follow me on any of his social media I asked him why and he says he don’t know how to use instagram what a crap it is how can someone from this internet age world do not know how to follow people on instagram, but take note he has a thousand of following on his ig how come he says he dont know how? It could be a red flag.. what will I do?

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    iDK.. what will you do?

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    Some people are really bored with their lives…

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    My partner and i have FB but mutually decided not to add each other for this exact reason…it causes uneccessary grief. Relax..dont get wound up about it 😊

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    Same issue

    My bf did not follow me on social media but he allowed me to follow him, I think he just doesn’t want to see my posts. Guys are emotional too and tend to feel overwhelmed at times. I want him to follow me back because him not doing so makes me feel a type of way.

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    1st world problems!

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    Yes. I do have the exact situation. I follow my boyfriend in Instagram but he won’t follow me but he follows his friends and family I’m not sure why I’ve been asking him this several times why can’t he follow me back. But I did not get any answer all he said is that we’re happy with just like this it doesn’t matter if I follow you or not. As long as we’re happy it’s fine. I’m not sure what’s the reason because he never answer the WHY question but I think it’s because he doesn’t want him to be tagged in a social media he likes to have a low profile in social media and don’t want him to be tagged.

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    Uninteresting pics?

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    i can think of 2 possibilities :
    1/ he’s the super jealous type (” who is that guy who liked ur picture ?” ” why did you respond with a heart to that guy’s comment ?”that kind of guy )
    and he can’t control it so he chose not to follow you .
    2/ maybe he is keeping you a secret ! cz if people see that he follows you , they will question it , a secret from his family or friends or fiance or wife or the other girl with whom he flirts with ! you know best !

    that’s all i can think of for now !

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    Jae, what are your ages?

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    I had a crush who stopped liking my posts and photos. But he was daily liking other girls photos. I was so angry but kept quiet. Later he blocked me for 5 days. Then he unblocked me. And when I asked why did you do this? He said it might have happened as a mistake. That he didn’t do it. Later I opened an instagram account for myself. Immediately he went invisible. So I guessed he blocked me. When I asked him why he pretended he never blocked me. He said he was unaware I had instagram l. Then he found me and started following me. But never liking any of my photos. I know he is hiding me. He doesn’t want his friends to quess who is the woman he has a situationship with. So…you see there is worse than what you describe. All I know is that men suck. They are just faulty, incomplete. If women can be smart then please go ahead and smash their hearts. You are only doing a favor to mankind haha. I am so disappointed from men really that they can’t rise any longer in my eyes…sorry for being so harsh but if you want the truth this is it.. Best to think of the worst and be prepared than be silly like me wasting your life hoping men will be good and treat you properly… xx

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    My bf doesn’t want to follow me because he’s the jealous type. He can’t stand other guys’ comments and likes. So there’s that. Otherwise the relationship is good. Instagram on the other hand? Not

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    My boyfriend doesn’t follow me either on Instagram and we have been together almost 2 years…he hasn’t posted anything on there in 2 years but follows over 300 people (with only 60 followers)…..lots of the ones he follows are radio people, models, sports players (basically people with thousands of followers)….I am not bothered by those, but I am bothered by the random females he follows that are not relatives or school friends. I know how you feel because you may wonder the same thing I do….why does he follow these other people, but not his own girlfriend? Out relationship is awesome! He is really good to me…..met his family and I talk to them frequently. We are Facebook friends and he has pictures of us on that but says he uses Instagram more….but doesn’t have any pictures of us…..I wonder if he wants to appear “single” to have options if we don’t work out???? That is all I can think is the reason

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    Ay girl,are relationships carried out on social media or in real life? You have been together for 2 years and he has been following you in real life for 2 years but you’re worried about a ‘Follow’ on Instagram.

    The people who matter in his life know that you’re together in real life and not just on social media but you still need superficial validation of your relationship to soothe your ego?

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    I don’t think this is completely unreasonable to worry about. Yes, some relationships do keep social media very off their real life and it doesn’t matter that much.

    But there are definitely people who purposefully hide their relationship online from some or all social media for certain reasons. If it really bothers you, a good relationship should make you feel that you can open up to him about this.

    You can tell him that it makes you feel a bit insecure or the likes, and a loving boyfriend shouldn’t be too against following you back on Instagram. It’s not even as big as posting a photo together especially if it makes you less worried. People feel what they feel and that valid, you just have to talk and find a happy middle ground that works for both of you.

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