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    Shanaya: Haha you made it simple. Yes, it’s a yes for all questions. Okay, no more obsessing ;)

    Sherri: The fact that if I bring up an issue, he works at it and that he makes me feel like this relationship is very important to him. With my ex, it always felt like I was no.2, here I don’t feel it.

    Jippity: Awwww, that’s all that I needed to hear today. Thank you :) And that’s the thing, that’s why this text means a lot to me, because I told him about my concerns and he texted me at a time (that he normally doesn’t) just to make me smile :)

    @NYC2GAGirl: Awww, you at NYC too? yay! I love the sound of your relationship! It seems like your man is busy but still makes sure you feel loved and that’s great! That’s how it should be! And that’s the thing. After coming on this forum and reading other stories, my respect for him has increased and knowing the nature of his job, these things are common. And the thing is that he pampers me silly. Like he flew me to a destination that is a 12 hour flight from where I am for New years and arranges for me to fly to see him/ vice versa (Again a 30 hour fight, sigh, yes) as often as I can make it as he’d like to see me often. So sometimes I tell myself ‘All this is possible because of his career going so well and when I am reaping the benefits of that then I better be there for him when it gets busy’.
    and yes, I wish you all the best :) x

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    @Hannah: Sorry just saw your message :) I am glad you think well of him and oh yes! you’re right! After a busy time, people need some time to unwind and get stuff back in schedule so I’ll let him be and do his thing. And most likely, by the time it all kinda gets back on track, I’ll most likely be in his city visiting him so hopefully I can make up for this then.
    Thanks again :)

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    I’m dealing with a very similar situation. My boyfriend and I are long distance. He works a very demanding job sometimes working 18-20 hours a day. We recently got into a disagreement about our future together. I’m just wondering how you and your guy ended up fixing things and patching things up.

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    @Lauren: So the thing is that because of his entire team putting in extra hours, they could close the deal quicker than expected so his schedule seems back to being normal now, ie: He even went out with the boys over the weekend and it recharged his batteries.

    Let me know what disagreement you had and I’d be able to provide some insight! and more power to all of us who do the LDR! xxx

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    NYC – This all sounds quite the norm, given your situation. When we get so used to getting something, it can take a little getting used to when things are different.

    You’re feeling uneasy and a little off kilter, that’s all. And you know what? It’s ok to let him know how you are feeling, that sometimes you may need a call or text message from him. Let him know your feelings, it may be he won’t text or call as much as you like during his busy times, but it opens the door to more communication of your wants and needs, it’s how a healthy relationship continues to grow.

    All the best :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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