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    I posted a part one about feeling like my bf wasn’t putting in enough effort a couple days ago so I’m back for part 2. For context even though we’re long distance and have been together for only a month, we’ve hung out for longer than that because we were friends first for a month or so. I decided I just needed to tell him again how I felt because he hadn’t responded to a message of mine on instagram yet he had liked several hentai posts and that kind of hurt me that he had time to like thoses posts but not even open my message. I brought up a couple other issues I had and he didn’t even react to them. All he said was that he was sorry, and when I apologized for bringning it up all he said was “No it’s fine. Don’t worry.” and I can tell he’s obviously hurt that I was honest with him. He had told me a couple weeks ago though that if he wasn’t putting in enough effort that I should tell him because it is one of his worst fears. I am tired of bending over backwards for people who don’t return the same effort. Was I in the wrong for being open and honest about some issues I had? I don’t know what to do now.

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    People told you to step back. They told you that because it’s better if you match your potential partner’s energy. If he steps back, then you step back.

    You can’t carry a relationship for the both of you.

    Not sure why you are asking for MORE advice when you clearly aren’t considering what people have said or following through with it, even though you said you were going to.

    Lack of self control gets better as we grow and mature, perhaps that’s what you need — more time to grow. Good luck to you.

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    only a month and you have this problem? you should be loved up and in honey moon period. If he isn’t into you as much as you are into him then leave it , you are really young , find someone who will adore you

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