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Beauty Hacks: Unconventional Ways to Use Your Favorite Products

Beauty hacks are the best thing since sliced bread for beauty lovers. They save you time, money, and you just feel like a cool, in the know beauty gal when you discover unconventional ways to get gorgeous. Anyone can go to the store and by a product, but it’s way more fun to dig into your pantry, or even to find new ways of using the beauty products you already have! Why buy separate cosmetics for your eyes, lips, face, etc. when certain products can do it all?

I have a special compartment in my brain in which I store 29 years worth of noted beauty tricks, some of which, I picked up along the way from friends, some from beauty magazine, and some of which have just appeared to me, much like a prophecy. But all of them are tried, tested, and true.

And with that, here are some unlikely ways to use some of your favorite beauty products.

1.Lipgloss as a cheek stain and highlighter.
Lip Gloss is so much more than for the lips. I discovered this one when I was in high school and carried around a strong supply of multi-flavored Lip Smackers and Bonne Bell glosses. This is one of my favorite tricks because who really wants to add another item into an already overstuffed purse?

Instead, use your go-to lipstick or gloss as you would a multi-purpose stain or blush. For pinks and reds, apply just a dab and rub it in a circular motion on the high apples of your cheeks. You can use those clears and lighter glosses as a brow-bone highlighter, a clear mascara, and a brow tamer (on fleek!). Vaseline will also do the trick (and I could write a whole article on the many, many uses for that but maybe another time!).

2. Rolling papers as blotting sheets…
This one also reminds me of high school. I was recently whisked back to a time when I used those blue oil-blotting sheets on my overzealous t-zone to rid the shine. I recently spotted those babies on the check out line at Sephora and was about to buy them…until I saw the $16 price tag!

Well ladies, you know what works just as well? Rolling paper! And It will only cost you a couple of dollars at any bodega… #nojudgment

3. Conditioner as shaving cream.
Get more bang for your buck out of your conditioner by doubling it as a shaving cream! You’ll get a super close shave with the silkiest, smoothest results.

4. Brush as a body exfoliator
Take a long natural bristled brush and ‘brush’ your entire body in circular motions towards your heart from your legs up prior to showering. This gets rid of dead skin cells and also stimulates your lymphatic system, which enables your body to rid itself of toxins as well as reduce cellulite. Now that’s exfoliation at its finest!

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5. Dry Shampoo, in your hair and in your shoe!
Dry shampoo is basically just talc which absorbs excess oil. When you’re wearing flats without socks, especially in the summer, things can get clammy in there. It happens, you’re human. Prevent the stink with the fresh smell and the absorbance power of a quick dry shampoo spritz.

The guys in my office looked at me like I had 10 heads when I did this, but I’m the one laughing with my DAF feet (Dry as f***).

6. Use a toothbrush in ways that only a regular Magellan would think of. You’re welcome.

A) Clean the lint out of your blow dryer motor – this will speed things up drying wise. Time is your most precious resource.
B) Get dirt out of your fingernails. Use the fine bristles to get that stubborn dirt out of there. You can also apply some coconut oil and scrub the cuticles down.
C) Put some lip balm on and exfoliate the unattractive dead skin off your lips. (Just use this first before the nail dirt!)
D) De-clump Mascara. Got a little mascara happy? Brush with a (CLEAN) toothbrush from the roots to tip for a look that’s more doe eyed and less Betty Boop.
E) Exfoliate your nose! For real, all those blackheads need are a gentle yet firm scrub! As you’re washing your face, scrub in circular motion and rinse with cold water to close off the pores.

7. Aspirin as a dandruff cure.
Before dishing out even more money on a shampoo that doesn’t do much for your mane expect combat Dandruff, try this. Add two or three crushed aspirin to your daily shampoo. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, the main ingredient in that super serious looking T/Sal Neutrogena shampoo.

8. Coconut Oil as night cream.
This is something I’ve been doing nightly and my skin is looking on point. Ingredients: Virgin coconut oil as a base and the highest level IU Vitamin E you can find. Rub the vitamin E in the palm of your hands, add a bit of coconut oil and apply gently to your face, especially around the eyes (the vitamin E consistency is thick and sticky, the coconut oil does a nice job of evening and smoothing it out). Do this before bed and wake up looking like your face just drank a coconut oil and vitamin E smoothie, which it essentially did.

This concoction also works wonders on scars to diminish them overtime.

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So there you have it, my favorite multi-tasking beauty products. They’re called beauty hacks for a reason, they are meant to make your life easier while making you more beautiful in the process.

Give ‘em a try and report back on how it worked. And please share your favorite beauty hacks, I’m always on the lookout for more!

– Risa

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