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    Going to a strangers house isn’t safe…

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    Do you always meet random men in shops and go home with them for two days?

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    I’ve had similar experiences with men. They whine about problems & expect you to sit there & listen. No questions about my life. I think, like, who cares about your woes?

    I rarely follow up again with these types of characters & would not have sat there for 3 hours!

    It shows right off the bat that they are very self-centered. You will complain until the end of time. Better to get rid of them at the start. They will suck the life out of you!

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    Men are more likely than women to be autistic and therefore lack empathy. Perhaps these men are high functioning Aspergers or autistic who are left on the shelf and don’t know how to communicate.

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    Maybe because they have difficulty with communication they need to be helped more.

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    That’s the point

    Maybe they realized the situation is not what they want and hope by being too self absorbed you would just move on. Not the brightest crayons in the box are they? They Probably need to get better at thinking things through rather than being impulsive.

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    Definitely not the sharpest tools in the shed. And I also agree with your statement above what the point

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    Oh my! I just randomly searched for this topic and feel better already! I’ve been “dating” again on line off and on for about a year and this phenomenon of men having one way conversations is blowing my mind! I would say it happens 8 out 10 times during the “first call”… I’ve tried different tactics on how to change it up but found that the guy I’m attracted to at the onset actually seems a bit interested in at least a few things about me. I just had an hour conversation with a gentleman who only asked ONE question about me – but I could tell you his life story… He was a personable, retired physician but I will not meet him because of the initial phone call – his first chance to impress me – did not!

    Don’t get me wrong- I want to hear all about the boys and their lives and WOULD ask about it (just don’t need to) but it would be nice if they felt the same way

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    Males learn early on that girls/women are astonishingly dull and mind bogglingly boring. So men take steps to protect themselves from female prattle.

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    It is proving that men are also astonishingly mind boggingly boring time and time again also.

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    Stephen maybe you are just not meeting women’s whose personalities set you alight. Different personalities do different things to different people.

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    Just met a boy who is sweet as pie and the personalities fit. It can happen you know.

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    Stephen has made a very misogynist and narcissistic statement. All women are saying is to find out about he woman a bit more, or, simply go without the sex if that is all that you are looking for.

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    As a male I have met many wonderful woman and love my wife, finding she says things I never thought of. Nevertheless I don’t even expect her to work that hard on being interesting, why should we expect one another to work that hard. Maybe if Stephen is so sad he must be dating women who are a reflection of Himself.

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    Oh I don’t doubt that women find men almost as boring as men find women. My number one belief is that the sexes are cat and dog,chalk and cheese and they should spend very little time interacting with each other.

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    Men and women should spend very little time interacting with each other, yet here you are on a women’s forum ;)

    Interest, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I feel @Stephen if you came across an interesting woman you would never know it because you’d be too hung up on the fact that she’s female, and would focus on anything that confirms your pre-conceived notions.

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    Lol… now we have a brad, Stephen and Anderson. More men than we have had on here in three years. What guy trolls women’s forums? Boggles my mind. No man I have ever been with would do such a thing unless I asked him to do it with me. Men solve problems on their own. It’s a fact. They don’t go on display and vomit emotion like a woman. I find it odd that any man would come on here seeing that all education and articles are geared toward what a woman needs to know about men. Nothing on here gives insight for a man.

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    And btw Anderson, Stephen isn’t a real man by admission. He doesn’t date women. He cross dresses, and wants to be a woman. Which makes sense why he would be here…

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    Stephen you have read too much of women are from Venus and men are from mars…. lol

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    Are you undermining my lived experience?! Are you gaslighting me?!

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    No Stephen just being lighthearted.

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    Stephen it is you who conducted the initial abusive statement about women.

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    I don’t consider my initial statement Susan to be ‘abusive’. It could be considered rude,abrasive or insensitive but not abusive.

    I hope that you noticed that I later on wrote that I believe that men bore women almost as much as the other way around?

    Marcy:’What is up with dudes today?! Last date I went on the guy couldn’t stop taking about cars,sport and his job! Did he really think that he was impressing me? Why wasn’t he sharing his hopes,fears and feelings with me? I don’t want a guy who can ream off baseball statistics. I am not interested in how much torque his car possesses. I want him to reveal his soul to me! Why are guys simply terrified of feeling never mind expressing their emotions?!’

    Bob:’What do women want from men? I am really starting to think those MGTOW and PUA guys are onto something when they call women ‘self-entitled bit**es with a raging princess complex’. I went on a date last Saturday with a woman called Marcy. She was really pretty and I went all out to impress her because I really could imagine being in a serious relationship with her! The date was a complete failure. Marcy didn’t want to know anything about me. I told her all about my job because I’ve read that women are looking for a guy with at least a stable job,but she was visibly bored. So I started talking about my car. I love that car and I love tinkering and maintaining the car by myself. I keep reading that women love men with a passion for something and who display competency. The eggheads say that it reassures the female mind that a guy can look after and protect them. Well those eggheads are full of bovine excrement. Marcy was super bored after I had displayed my passion and competency.
    What do women want from men? I am serious. I read all this stuff from so called experts and in the field none of the ‘expert’ advice makes the slightest impression.
    I am sick and tired getting absolutely nowhere with women! Why won’t women just tell men what they want from us and we’d totally do it!! But no we’re expected to read their minds. I am starting to think that women are sadists in addition to being haughty,aloof princesses!’


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    Wendy Hart

    Where are you finding all these chatty men? The last few dates I’ve been on has been like a silent movie. Unless I ask them something they won’t talk. But to address your concern, one of the main reasons they would dominate the conversation is when they feel they are not getting anything from you. How was your end? Did you at least attempt to talk about yourself? Conversations are a two-way street, even if he didn’t directly ask a question, you should be able to share your insights and connect with your date.

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    “I went all out to impress because I really could imagine being in a serious relationship with her! The date was a complete failure. Marcy didn’t want to know anything about me.”

    That sums up the problem best. Why would Marcy want to know anything about Bob when he babbled about it all himself? Where was the conversation? The natural mystery? That was more of an autobiography, or job interview. There are two people on that date. There needs to be a back and forth for interest to develop. Making an impression doesn’t just involve talking/boasting about your own self but exhibiting other impressive personality traits (but please never claim them explicitly like “Well I am very honest and humble” lol) the biggest one being that you actually are capable of showing an interest in yourself -and- someone else.

    I can’t remember the last time, if ever, I liked a girl but didnt want to know anything about her. Unless I was too afraid to go up and talk to her lol. But even then, my mind would learn about her way of dressing, habits etc It’s just so natural when you like someone. Forget girls it’s just being a good human to be interested in other people.

    It’s honestly about a balance, and it’s best when you do things naturally instead of following dating strategies by John McLadies. Unless your natural is ranting about yourself in which case, I can understand following strategies. Idk. I always believe try too hard to impress someone and you’ll come off as desperate, and rarely does anyone see that as attractive.

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