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    When do you know that he is the one and that you want to spend the rest of your life with him? Is it during the dating period or after being exclusive/ in a relationship?

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    It’s after you get to know him…

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    After you have seen his worst side and the real him. And how he handles you being on your worst. Give it a considerable amount of time, over a year. People are ‘deeper’ than they appear to be during dating.

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    I think you’ll just know if he is the one, that special feeling that’s indescribable.

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    In my experience, it takes a good two years being in an exclusive relationship to know if he is someone you can spend the rest of your life with. Get past the honeymoon stage. You may love someone, but discover over time that there are compatibility issues that will keep you from having a good life together. Also, make sure that you are being your genuine self in the relationship so that he can determine if you are the one for him.

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    Short answer, if after 10 years together you can still look into each others eyes with adoration and retained a high level of respect and dignity for each other to the point, 40+ years later you can still tell each other “you’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world” only then can you really know.

    The one [pun intended] thing I hear the most from couples who are still married well into their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s is that “they married their best friend.” That IMO is the pathway to longevity.

    I think I found “the second” but I still have another six years to get to our first decade before I can know if we are still “best friends” and continue to look into each others eyes the same way we do today—with love, adoration and respect for each other.

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    Melissa Lopez

    I started talking to his man online three months ago. We’ve been out four times, but oddly enough he hesitates to call it dating. Yet every time we finish video chatting and text each other he sends me hearts. One time he said love. We video chat for hours and hours at a time. The other night when he texted me he said I finally found, “the one”. Is it possible to feel this way so early in a relationship.I think he is a wonderful man as well. I always feel very safe, and well cared for, whenever I’m with him, is that a good sign. The main issues as I see them are COVID-19, limiting what we can do together, and how far away he is. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and I live in West Babylon, NY.

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