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    So me and this guy I’ve been dating for two months we haven’t been able to see each other in a month since COVID-19 happened. But have still texted every single day since.

    He has never given me the reason to believe that he’s playing me. But today we were talking like we normally do and he even mentioned today to have another virtual date this weekend till out of nowhere I texted him and he left me on read . It’s been 6 hours and still no response. He’s never done this to me before I even saw that he was posting on social media talking to other women while not texting me. Is this something to get worried about? Or am I over thinking it?

    I know we aren’t official. But this is really bothering me.

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    I think he means that he is having fun and had no serious intentions to take anything with you beyond the virtual interaction. I would stop entertaining him.

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    @alia we have dates a couple times in person. It wasn’t always virtual so not too sure what you mean.

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    I am sure by now he has responded, but if you cannot date without being patient for responses, you should not be dating. Seriously. Home bound or not, no one owes you an immediate response. Calm down. If you do not hear from him in 24 hours, just let him be. Besides if he is not yet your boyfriend, it is totally ok to go a day or two without talking. Just calm down, let him reach out most of the time every few days etc….

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    Uhh well I would feel pretty bad if someone left me on read for six hours too.
    I just wonder if this self-isolation situation is giving a lot of guys a lot of access to bored, lonely women online they normally would not have had access to…

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    Option a: chill out, assume he likes you, and realize talking everyday is unsustainable for months at a time. Do you, enjoy yourself and do something productive or fun. And realize you are fine no matter what happens.

    Option b: get freaked out over a Totally reasonable lag in communication, leak all your insecurities that belong to you all over him when you hear from him.

    option c: assume he is talking to other women despite not being to actually meet them. Get all worked up when women on an website tell you he is talking to other women with no proof because he did not respond for half a day. Sheesh. Then, ooze all your insecurities all over him.

    What do you think will have the best outcome? Now choose your reaction.

    If it is 2-3 days, then definitely be disappointed, but still we don’t know because time is weird right now.

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    This man is not your boyfriend, so he technically has no obligation to do anything. Your reaction is a sign that you’ve become too emotionally dependant on someone who hasn’t formally made you a part of his life. Some of the attention and focus you’re giving him should be put on yourself, friends and hobbies.

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    This would bother me as well. I think that my reaction would be to get upset and mad, lol, but let me help her here. Pull back, DON’T react, and do your own thing. When he does respond, you leave him hanging a little. YOU chat openly with other men, don’t make an issue, just do the same he’s doing and when the time is right, if things improve, then you can have a discussion.

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