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    Hey, I’m writing to get some opinions about this weird girl i have been texting for almost a year. So about a year ago, i matched with a girl on tinder, things were going really nice except that we couldn’t meet because she was just visiting the city where i was for a couple of days with her parents. However we kept on texting, we used to talk about everything for days, we even agreed to delete the dating app where we met and if we ever to be at the same place again to start seeing where it would take us, except that a while after that i discovered she re-downloaded the app, which honestly didn’t bother me that much. However the first time i told her i was gonna be in the city where she lives (about a couple of months before going there) to see if we could maybe meet, she told me she’ll not be available. So i took that as a sign and stopped texting, a while after she started texting and replying to my insta stories. And since then we would have periods of time where we would sext and then nothing for a while. Recently i moved to the city where she lives, and i haven’t seen her for the last 2 months that i’ve been here even though i asked her out when i first got here and she told me she will be busy at work that night so again i stopped texting and 2 days ago she started texting and flirting again and when things started getting hot again she just stopped texting (which is a first). I know most of you would say just stop texting her but i just can’t seem to do that and honestly idk what to do

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    Why can’t you stop?

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    She’s not interested. When people say they are “busy at work”, it’s their nice way of blowing you off.

    Time to move on.

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    You can’t stop because you’re addicted to the dopamine hit of receiving a text from her and sending one back.

    Tell her if you can’t make a firm date to meet and follow through in the next two weeks, you need to move on. And then block. Going off this exchange entirely is the only way to stop.

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    She loves the attention and wants a penpal. If you want more, put yourself out there to meet new women in your new town. If it will help you stop texting her to get blown off by her again, you can put it all on the table like AngieBaby suggests. But really be firm in cutting her off and moving on if you do that and she continues to make excuses not to meet. Honestly, you should do that even if she wants to meet and actually bothers to show up, because a woman who takes this long to meet you certainly isn’t going to suddenly change and show up consistently for you.

    If she’s even really single to begin with! You’ve never met her, so you have no idea. She also may be unwilling to meet you because she catfished you and doesn’t want you to find out. None of the possible explanations are positive.

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