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    I met a guy in a party, my friend introduced us and she made me follow him on instagram. Me and this guy start talking and he’s asking me if we can get coffee. I told him lets just eat japanese food. He pays for the food and I found out during dinner that he has slept with 2 of my friends. He comes to my apartment, we watch a movie and he starts making a move with me. He asks if he can kiss me and I said no. Then he tries again so I kiss him. He starts touching me in other areas and I tell him I don’t want to have sex. I turn my back towards him and he starts kissing my back and fingering me. I got up and told me I can’t have sex with you because I like someone else. He starts telling me he went on a date with another girl 2 days before me and he slept with her. So in my head I was thinking that he’s not that horny anymore and he asks me if could just makeout. So we start making out and he goes down on me. I just got so horny that I said ok lets have sex. It was really good sex but 2 days after he asks me if we can be friends. He told me that he met the other girl 4 days after our encounter and told her that he wants to be friends with her. She disagreed and got mad at him so they’ve completely stopped talking. He’s been talking to me now for more than a week as friends and we were suppose to meet tonight in a party. But I got lazy and I think he has too. We made plans for Sunday which he affirmed me that he’s going to but he it was suppose to be a full day thing and he ended up cancelling half of it

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    Sounds like he just wanted sex…

    ps: This can’t be real 🤦🏻‍♀️

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