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    Has anyone ever sent an “accidental” text deliberately to a guy to get his attention? Whether this guy may have ghosted on you or you went out for a bit but he wasn’t interested or whatever. If so, what happened?

    I was chatting with friends last night and one said she used to blank text guys if she hadn’t heard from them in a while. She even did it to her now fiancee when they first started dating. Personally, I do think it’s rather obvious.

    Anyone guilty? ;)

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    I had a friend that sent “accidental” text to a man she really liked, twice. I believed he liked her also and was moving very slow because that is what he was able to do being in a new city. Her second “accidental” text burned the bridge and put her in the friend zone forever. When he got tired of being her friend because she continued to push him, he ignored all her text. Don’t do this. Men see through this game fast. Why not just send a text saying hello if you are curious?

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    Sending an accidental text is quite immature. Why drop down to that level, if a man is interested he’ll step up and stay. Only men interested in dating and furthering a relationship.

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    I have received a couple of them… Very transparent.

    Here’s the worst one….

    One came from a guy that rode by my house just 10 minutes before (he didn’t know I saw him), and his text said “On my way sweetie, boarding the plane now”. I rolled my eyes, showed my grown kids the text and we all had a good laugh at his “accidental text”. A few minutes later he texted “Sorry, wrong person” Would you really want to send it knowing the recipient could have the same reaction I did?

    Even the less obvious ones got an eye roll at best.

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    Just to be clear, I’m not planning in sending one as I have no guys in my life right now, and I’ve never done it previously. It was just a conversation topic.

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    lol….didn’t think you were planning on it! Good topic. As for your friend, I think she got her fiance in spite of the text, not because of it ;)

    I do agree that it is very obvious! And speaking from experience, it’s a turn off for the recipient!

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    Very obvious indeed. I had one guy sent it to me to re-initiate things. I could clearly see through it. Don’t do it. If you were going to send a text, do not send “hey” or “hi how are you either”. We all know how annoying those are. Send something more meaningful. I wanted to touch base to see how you doing and what’s new in your life. Finished [name of the project you know of that person was involved in]? My news are [not personal update on your social life, projects, classes, travel]. If you are texting, it is clear you want contact, then make it decent and polite and something you could send to a female friend or pal.

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    jenni smith

    i do think the “blank text” is kind of an interesting approach. i’ve gotten those before and i always want to know what the person *meant* to send. i think it could kind of grab someone’s interest, but only if they’re already interested….

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    Maybe this question has been accidentally posted :D

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    I’ve gotten them. Stay away from the guy, he’s immature and playing games.

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    I’ve gotten the accidentally on purpose text after going no contact. It’s incredibly immature and obvious, it’s a complete turn off for me. I don’t think I’ve ever done it

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    It’s passive-aggressive, and has others have mentioned very childish. So no, I have never done it.

    I honestly feel that if someone needs to play games to get my attention they are a waste of my time. So I don’t do it.

    And it goes without saying, everyone sees through it for what it is. That is a huge turnoff.

    I believe you attract what you put out. If you want great people in your life who have integrity then you have to model it first.

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    No I haven’t done the accidental on purpose text but I did date a guy who had the same first name as an ex. They were both in my phone and I was sending a picture of something and typing in the name and my phone picked the first contact with that name as I pressed send. I didn’t realize it had gone to the wrong person until lo and behold I had a response back from the EX when I looked at my phone!! Didn’t take me long to figure out it had defaulted to his name!! Thank goodness it wasn’t an incriminating picture. ;) And I also changed his contact name in my phone after that…LOL.

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    I’ve never done it to anyone I was dating but I did once accidentally text the wife of my husbands boss….about my husbands boss….horrible :-( lol x

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    haha, about messing up with names it reminds me a story years back when I was fighting with my ex (who already was an ex that time but we still coninued our sick relationship and had bad fights about him sleeping to others… well, long story, don’t judge me, it was a sick relationship and it’s a history now thank god)… but I got so mad about him one night while drinking with friends that I wanted to hurt him and sent a text something like that “I will go to city now to search big d…cks”. And since I was quite drunk already I just pushed the sent button and then realized that I sent the message to the first person in the list with name “A”. That person happened to be my neighbour lady :D Next weeks I didn’t show my face too much at the hallway.


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    OMG memories that is hysterical!! I am cracking up laughing right now! What’s even funnier is that she was your neighbor and it’s like you’re keeping her updated that you won’t be home because you’re headed to the city!! :) :) I have tears in my eyes!

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    Amy S

    Ha I was once so angry with my ex, we were falling out but he was in a bar and couldn’t speak to me so he was texting me and then I was texting my pal to say what he was saying about things so of course I sent the bf the text by mistake as I was so mad at him. He must have been shocked to read well he said this and I said that and hes such a douche and do you think this etc etc. Nightmare but quite funny when I look back. x

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    I know this thread is old but I have to say I’ve done this a few times & it has been very effective. The pretend texts were all telling a pretend guy to please stop texting and that I’m not interested.

    Of course the real guys called me out & were like, “you know you did this on purpose.” I insisted that I had no idea who they were & said that I just got a new phone & none of my old text convos got transferred to the new phone. I then proceeded to tell the guys that I have numerous guys all with the same name & so I didn’t know which one was which & I must have accidentally texted the wrong “Steve”.I really stuck with it & it worked to get the guys to start talking again.

    I learned if you’re going to do something kind of crazy like this you have to commit lol. Make it so believable that you almost yourself believe it lol

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    No games!

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    I have sent accidental texts ACCIDENTALLY! To my ex at least 3 times, and every time I was sure he would think it was on purpose – but it never was!!! Accidents happen, but you’d have to have a sure-fire believable excuse (mine was another friend w the same name and same 3 number prefix to phone number…). Or I had just texted HIM and then meant to text another person and hit the wrong one Clearly that won’t work if the two of you haven’t been texting. ;) BUT – F THE EX – let him try to get your attention, not the other way around….. JS.

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    This is so ridiculous and immature. If you need to be “crazy” you are in no place to be dating.

    The “accidental” on purpose text is extremely obvious, passive aggressive, manipulative, and childish.

    Not a mature or grown up way to communicate. If you can’t be honest and up front, you’ve already lost in my opinion.

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    I’ve been tempted to do this with my ex since our break up is fresh and I miss him, but to me it would be as bad as lying and I’m not good with that. My motivation would be to be hurtful and give the impression that I have moved on but I’m above doing that. So as not to be tempted or truly accidentally text him, I have texted enough of my friends and family to move his name below my text screen. Out of sight, out of mind and I’ll get more healing texting people who actually want to hear from me.

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    I have been tempted while missing my ex too. I live in a small town & not many bars or restaurants, we tend to run into each other & he’s already out hooking up & stuff. So in my emotional/jealous/drunk-buzzed state, lapses in judgement have happened & I got really close a few times but never did, knowing it was out of character for me.

    I’ve finally made it a point to delete all conversations linked to him. Like you said, “out of sight, out of mind”.

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    My ex sent accidental texts to me couple of times. He is very insecure and it was his way of trying to get me jealous. Very immature. Played mind games galore. Scorpio!

    Once text asked me if I had marked all my papers yet. I am not a teacher! Seconds later he said- don’t know where that came from lol.

    Another one was asking if I bought a boat to get home. Implied I was delayed on returning from a trip.

    These did not get me jealous, just pulled me away from him.

    To give him a taste of his own medicine I sent him one saying in a text that I am home now, you can call. We hadn’t prearranged a talk.

    I dumped him not long after. I believe he is still alone hiding behind his electronics!

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    its funny but its a good way to get talking to someone

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