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    So i recently matched with a guy and have been texting. We will be meeting on the 13th for the first time. We were talking and he was talking about how he went to a new city and started comparing it with where he was coming from. Then he gave this analogy: just like you start comparing a girl you meet at the the bar with your wife. I felt it was such a weird thing to say. So I asked him if he would do that in reality? He said : I can say no to appear righteous but you don’t really know what you are capable of doing untill you are really tested.

    Do you think I should speak further with this person? He even feels there is no such person as a loyal person. A person can be loyal to one and disloyal to another. He believes loyalty depends on the situation and circumstances.

    Other than this he has seemed decent so far.

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    Always be asking… does this seem like a great man? If the answer is no, then stop. Red flag from my opinion. Just stop responding or say… I know we have been talking, but my dance card is full right now. I’ll reach out if something changes.

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    Are you looking for a serious relationship with a guy who will be committed? If so, skip this guy. He’s telling you very early who he is, believe him.

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    Other than he will do whatever he wants with whomever he wants behind his GF or wife’s back and feel no guilt about it because he doesn’t believe in loyalty, yeah, he’s a super terrific upstanding guy.


    I’d bet money he’s cheated more than once. You’re right, that’s a very odd statement and I’m glad you pulled him up on it. That was a pretty lame answer. No decent, honest guy talks like that, especially to someone he hardly knows and should be trying to impress.

    Be grateful he’s told you upfront exactly what he is. Now believe him and walk away before he cheats on you or shows you other sketchy tendencies. What Tallspicy said is a good way of brushing him off. You don’t owe him an explanation. I wouldn’t waste my time meeting him.

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    Do his declarations really mean he will cheat or he was just speaking the truth. Do we really know what we are capable of doing till we are actually tested? We all have sometimes done things we never thought we would.

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    If your curious n want to meet, thn do meet him. But keep an eye out for red flags.

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    Pin. If you didn’t feel something was off about his answers you wouldn’t have posted here. Now you’re defending him. If you want to go out with him, go right ahead.

    Would you tell a guy that if another man approached you at a bar if you were married or had a BF, that you weren’t sure what you’d do until you were tested??!!

    All I can say is the right man for me would say definitively if a woman approached him and he was taken, there’s no way he’d be interested, even if she were a super model.

    Honesty and integrity and loyalty are constants, that’s what I learned at home. When soemone says well, it depends… that’s a slippery slope. Honest people stay off the slippery slope.

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    You are right. I think I’d almost just maintain a platonic friendship with him

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