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    Sophia I think u have handled this situation very graciously. I believe it demonstrates true love when u can give the other person what they really need. You put his needs ahead of yours. He needed and wanted this break, for whatever the reason. I believe in a relationship there is never a real 50/50. Sometimes one is more needy than the other. You r giving him what he wants and needs right now. You will know the outcome very soon.
    I don’t think it’s easy to find and have real love. I’m 62 and I have had three men that I have been in love with. Treasure that love because it’s not always easy to find. Two weeks is just a drop in the bucket. I have so many friends that settled and live in a world of regret. Give him a chance. Maybe more folk should seriously reflect on serious decisions, instead of acting impulsively.

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    Men nowadays need to grow up. They are all ageists and want to be like George Clooney and be single until they are 50+ and then decide they want to settle down and have a family and end up with a 30 year old who can bear their child(ren).

    I think us women need to stop falling for the older men and give them a taste of their own medicine. Women are made to feel unwanted and unviable after the age of 40 by men and society, past their prime and child bearing years. If the younger women stop with the older men, the older men can wind up Spinsters like women do and feel unwanted and unloved.

    I am a single 44 year old woman and I reject all these older men (55+) who divorced their same aged wives after 20+ years of marriage and now want a younger woman. I tell them “you want a younger woman, well guess what? I want a younger man.” :)

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    Well that’s one way to really limit your dating options.

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    What is the point of dating if you are so cynical?

    Men don’t solve women’s problem. You solve your own problem before meeting any decent man.

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    wow Lisa!!! I agree that some men go through a mid life crisis and start going after young women, however I was married for 16 years to someone I met at school. we split 4 years ago and I CHOSE to go out with someone older (only 6 years) as I found men my age (36 at the time)still wanted to have children, or at least didn’t know if they did or not, and it was a definite no no for me having got 2 already! I don’t think you can write off every poor guy just because he happens to become single later in life!!!

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    Hi everyone,

    Just reaching out because tomorrow is the end of the break.

    It makes me very nervous.

    We have had NO CONTACT. It has been hard I will admit. I’m feeling hopeful but also trying to tell myself that the outcome may not be the one I wished for.

    As I mentioned before I simply plan on showing up at the spot we agreed upon. I don’t intent to contact him prior.

    I still feel peaceful and calm but from time to time a little voice of worry creeps in.

    Any support/ advice/ encouragement for these last few hours ould greatly be appreciated!

    Xx Sofia

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    I dont have any tips, except let the chips fall how they fall. HD wanted the break so he has to state how he feels, so focus on listening. Act with grace and remember you will be happy whatever the outcome. If he breaks it off, it will take a whole to recover. If he is vague about how to continue, you should seriously consider breaking up yourself. If he proposes, he is problably no longer on the fence. Take care

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    I hope it turns out the way you want. But have to say that I wouldn’t have allowed a man to dictate such terms.. he would be the one worried about me not showing up. Not the other way around.

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    Dear Sofia,

    I will be thinking about you today! :)
    You are strong and you will handle the situation great!
    Already you can be so proud of yourself! And I am very proud of you too!
    You handled this in a very mature way, you didn’t cling on him, you realized that if he has not the same life goals, you can still fulfill them with someone else. Not everyone would have been able to realize that.

    So tomorrow, no matter what will happen stay strong!
    Either he^’ll say he’s not ready, and then you have to be prepared to walk away.
    If he says that he is, there are several new conversations to have about how serious he is about having a family and getting married.

    I hope everything turns out for the better, but it really is a hard situation!
    I’ll be thinking about you and I know you can do it!
    Keep us updated <3

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    Good luck with everything! You did a great job not contacting him. Now prepare yourself emotionally for whatever the outcome. After making you wait like this, do not accept anything less than full commitment. He has had his time to think, if he can’t commit to you now, he doesn’t deserve you.

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    I am wondering what happened here. That’s only the reason I came here today – you’re very strong lady

    Hope you got what wanted/needed

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    Hi Sofia,
    I hope things went well yesterday and that the reason you haven’t updated is because you guys spent the night together having a wonderful time. My heart goes out to you.

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    I hope things went well Sofia, whether he told you he wanted to progress with you, or not. I hope you’ve been able to support yourself through this.

    Please let us know what happened when you know as there’s support here, no matter what.

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    This is a like a cliffhanger finale and then the tv show gets cancelled lol. Just kidding. I hope youre ok and all went well

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    I love it! A build up of fake drama!

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    I am here to know what happened as well.

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    @L oh I doubt someone can fake this!

    @Newbie yes it is like cliffhanger – I really wanna know the end – hoping for happing ending. ❤️

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    Come now Sofia, can’t wait any longer???
    #Crossing fingers for you girl

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    Devil’s Advocate

    This is like watching the season finale of my favorite show and the cable goes out! What happened? Did they run off to Vegas and get married and she hasn’t had time to update us?????

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    I have to admit, unfortunately I have a feeling things didn’t go well, which makes me sad because I genuinely wanted things to go well for Sofia. I hope I’m wrong. Sofia, I hope you’re ok and staying strong, and that you’ll reach out for support if you need it.

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    I’m hoping the silence means things went her way! Fingers crossed she doesn’t need the forum anymore. If not and it’s a little to raw to log on here then I hope she finds all the happiness she deserves!

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    Yeah, I assuming things went in her favor, and she is not even thinking of this forum anymore!!

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    Any updates??

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    I think its a bit selfish to not update, there are lots of people who invested time and energy to reply, lots of people gave support, and the OP came back always to respond

    So, I think she should have updated, just:

    Girls, it went well, thanks! I will be back to tell


    Girls, it was horrible, I am upset, I will update later

    Girls, it was confusing, I am still perplexed, I will update later

    Because lots of other people read the topics here on the forum and they can learn from it, so the updates are really appreciated

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    My feeling is it went horribly. It happens to me too – when I get bad news, I just can’t talk about it to anyone for a few days.

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