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    Me and this guy matched on a dating app. He sent lovely long messages from the start but we started talking just before the lockdown. He’s always taken 3-4 days to respond to my messages, and responds with a long thoughtful paragraph. I don’t know whether to take these slow response times as disinterest, but then again we haven’t met yet. He told me he’s looking forward to meeting me and checks in every 3 days to see how I’m doing!

    He not been active on the app for 4 days

    Do any other guys on dating apps take days to reply on purpose and why?

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    This guy sounds amazing! Finally someone who shows an appropriate amount of interest for the circumstances!!!! He does not know you, so getting overinvested And oversharing is a bad idea! He is touching base every few days, he sounds healthy and aware ! Just calm down, this is great! You will meet when this is all over. But honestly, you should not care anyhow!

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    I dont know why but you irk me bad. I should let it go, but cant. This is post 8 you made about this guy. Why? And why do you never come back to the former 7 you created already.
    Is he contacting you on your phone number now?
    Really stop obsessing over this guy

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    Melissa : Please don’t stressed out about his texting behavior the best thing you can do is to give him space and work more about your self.

    If this guy is really interest in you he will invest time and won’t leave you hanging. Just let him come to you and just chill for now.

    Please implement 30 days no contact rule .. read about this


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    Why go no contact and drive away someone who sounds great? That would be nuts. Agree with Tallspicy, he sounds well-balanced. Mirror and relax!

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