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    I’ve been dating this guy for two months and he’s been asking me to spend the night now and I asked if he could get an std test just to be sure because I didn’t want to spend the night until I knew he was clean to protect myself. I also told him I would get tested and show him the results too.

    He told me he did the testing but won’t show me the paper. He then continually asks me to spend the night knowing the reason why I said I couldn’t. Is this fishy? I feel like someone would show you the paper if there was nothing to hide and now I feel like he’s hiding something from me. I don’t know if I can still see him if I can’t trust him to follow through and is telling me to trust him when he won’t show me the results.

    What would you do? Would you continue to see him?

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    Why are you jacking around with this assclown if he won’t show you the test results – that was the point to share results with each other. That means seeing the paper.

    You know what to do. Why are you hesitating????

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    T from NY

    The biggest concern I have here is he’s not trying to make you happy or meet your needs. Once you meet a man that is into you — you’ll see the difference. They do whatever it takes to make you feel happy and secure.

    I would just call (or text) him and say – Ya know, after some reflection I think we want different things. I want someone I can be open and have forthright communication with. I was really attracted to you but your refusing to show me the STI screening results has made me realize you’re not interested in meeting my needs. I wish you the best.

    What a clown

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    I don’t think he took any test. Taht’s why he won’t show you any test results.

    You asked what we would do: If it were me, I’d tell him I don’t believe that he took a test and that basic level of trust should be a given at this point. Since it’s not, then I’ll be moving on. Aidos, goodbye, au revior, etc. And then I’d block him on my phone, my social media, etc. Because life is too short to deal with these sorts of games.

    The bright side is that you found out sooner rather than later what he’s made of. Imagine if you were in a relationship — you’d constantly be questioning whether he’s being honest and transparent about everything. Who needs that! Not you, you’re smarter than that. ;)

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    He either didn’t take it or got positive results on something. More likely didn’t take it at all. If that isn’t obvious, I don’t know what else to say to the OP. Feels like another fake post.

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    Why would compel you to stay?

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    He hasn’t done the test. You should not stay because you gave your boundary/expectation and he is trying to bypass it which is disrespectful.

    I do find the whole can you get tested before i sleep at your place and agree to have sex with an odd way to go about things. I’d be a bit put off if a guy insisted on seeing a clean std test before sex … maybe I’m the weird one and this is normal but I’ve just taken sensible precautions and don’t have sex unless exclusion

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