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    I met this guy on an online dating site. He messaged me first and had exchanged messages. Till he asked me for my number so he can text me. First couple of days he was always texting me and I just reply. And was so eager to meet up. But I wanted to get to know him more before I meet up with him. We do have an age difference of 9 years and I’m older. We really haven’t known each other for that long. But he is the only guys who has complemented me and said some thoughtful words. But for some reason I was just not ready to meet with. My last 3 failed relationship is scaring me that this guy could possibly hurt me too. So we continued to text each other. And he would sometimes reply hmmm ignoring me again. And when I reply I’m not ignoring you I actually fell asleep. He didn’t text me back for 3 days. Even though we have only been texting for 3 weeks. I’m not gonna lie, it kinda stung. So from then on he has been texting me again. And I started get that female intuition that there is something not right. I texted him a question? I’m not sure if I want to continue texting him. Cause I’m not sure what he wants? Cause if its just a fling or serious relationship is what his looking for. But I would definitely continue being friends with him. If he comes clear on what his intentions are. I do want to get to know him first. But I get less text from him now. So I went on been verified. And I don’t want to assume that it’s him. So I went to one of his social media account. And its the same guy. And found out a lot. I told him always be honest with me and if he lies to me. I would stop communicating with him. Do you have a girlfriend? No are you or where you ever married? No do you have kids? Yes 2 he told me that his 2 yr relationship ended 6mos ago. But I don’t know if he is completely telling the truth. What should I do at this point? My mind and my heart is saying hit the breaks already.

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    Better off single

    Listen to your heart and mind. It doesnt sound like you know what you want either. Slow down. Sit back and watch what he does. The rest is pretty much out of your hands anyway. It’s the risk you take when you date someone.

    Going into it as he is innocent until proven guilty is a good way to keep the trust issues in check. Do not automatically assume he is like your ex’s.

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    Being this wound up about a guy you never met is not productive.
    Meet him, in person, and if you go on 3 dates, then start thinking about a relationship. Chances are, you’ll meet once, and that will be it anyway.

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    Have you met this guy in person?

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    Liz Lemon

    Endless texting before you meet someone in person is pointless. If you’re not ready to meet this guy in person, then back off and let it go. The point of online dating is to meet people, not to text endlessly.

    Agreeing to meet someone in person is not committing yourself to a relationship, or to anything. It’s just seeing them in the flesh so you can gauge whether there’s chemistry and whether you’d like to get to know the person. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

    You mention being scared because of your last failed relationships. You need to get over that fear and get your head straight before attempting to date. From what you’ve written, this is way too much drama and suspicion over a guy you’ve never even met in person.

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    You are wasting too much energy on a guy you never met.
    He’s probably pulled away because you blew him off.

    You can’t get to know someone over text. Sounds like he lost interest.

    I’d say next on this one you’re too hung up on him.

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    I may have missed it but did he ever ask to meet you by an official invite?

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