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    Hi, I have a boyfriend who suffers from bipolar and hypersexual symptoms, he is always full of energy, talk a lot, and has high sexual drive. I am very single-minded, I devote my heart to him fully, I do not flirt with any other guys. Due to his biological inherited from his father, he has hypersexual, bipolar, and anxiety disorders. He wants to take pills, go through therapy for me because one day, he cannot control himself, he was addicted to cybersex before over 20 years until he met me, he began changing for me gradually.

    Can anyone recommend a kind of medcine for these syndrome that does not cause serious side effect? We both loves each other, he wants to change this. Hope someone can help him. Appreciated!

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    I would suggest that he have a consultation with a doctor.

    I doubt anyone here is able give suggestion unless they’ve seen him as a patient.

    If, he’s serious about changing he needs to make the next step on his own.

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    I know I sound well educated, like a doctor, but I am not.

    All I can suggest? Is seek medial advice. Failing that 2 plasters and a paracetamol shall do the trick.

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    Unfortunately this is not the to place to be helped for a bipolar disorder. Study up on the disorder if you can and go to a doctor.

    There is a place on the internet for support for spouses and significant others. I can’t remember the name of it, but it isn’t too hard to find. Join it and learn what it is like for a long term relationship with someone bipolar.

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    Take him to see a psychologist that specializes in that field.

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    Also, in my experience it’s not that he can’t it’s that he won’t. If he really does want to stop he will will himself to do so.

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