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    Angela Thomas

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 years and he says that I don’t have sex enough. Let me start off by giving you a brief medical history I have some thyroid issues and some endometriosis issues so it makes it a little harder for me to feel sexy or aroused plus some body issues that I’ve been having all of my life I’ve never really made me feel like sexy or aroused by anyone. So needless to say my sex drive has suffered . My libido has definitely decreased I have tried yoga, libido tea, you name it my sex drive is just not there…..he regularly watches porn and masturbates quite a bit to make up for the time that he doesn’t have the sex that we need to have I wanna say that we typically have sex maybe like four or five times a month sometimes less but we have sex at least three minimum times a month and he says that it’s not enough in my previous relationships I’ve never really had to worry about having sex a lot because my previous partners on the same wave link as me where they didn’t care as much about sex. But my current boyfriend it’s like that’s all he wants is sex now that we’re together a little bit longer he thinks that we should be having sex a lot often but like I have had the same kind of sex drive throughout our three-year relationship so it’s not like I started having sex a bunch and then I just dropped off it’s kind of been the same throughout the whole time and we get an argument all the time about how that I need to have sex more and that I should be more adventurous and that he’s just tired of not being able to have sex and gets very frustrated. Most recently the fight that we had was about sex again and the fact that he is bored of me we had sex last week I thought I was doing a pretty good job especially because you know I was a little feeling a little bit better and I you know gave him some fellatio (such and old word😂) I thought I was doing a pretty good job but fast forward to this week we were talking and kind of made like a little clan even though that’s just not sexy to have sex. I made a comment about does he want me to give him head like I did last time and did he enjoy it and he said it was boring and he doesn’t even really remember it. It kind of made me feel hurt I cried in my room for like probably like a half an hour to an hour and just went to bed early he’s been blowing my phone up apologizing and saying that he loves me but this is one of our kind of big issues we don’t have many but sex is definitely a big issue of ours I just don’t know if I’m supposed to be upset and leave him or if I should just stay and then try to work on it I’m at the end of my rope and I have no clue what to do I’ve never really had a problem in this department but now it’s one of my biggest issues in my relationship . Do you think that we should part ways and I work on my issues with my sexuality and my mental or do you think I should stay with him and just accept all the constant argument about sex?

    Ps. I did tell my boyfriend two weeks until our relationship right after the first time we had sex but I do have problems in the bedroom sometimes and that my thyroid and my endometriosis do you mess up with my sex drive a lot and I feel like he had a lot of time to in the relationship if he didn’t feel like this was the best thing for him if he was more of a sex guy then I wasn’t going to be the best option for him and that we should ended and he stayed so he was well aware of my condition.

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    Unless I missed it, you did t mention your age. For a couple that lives together, 3 times a month is very low. That said, my sense is you don’t live together, and are young.

    Depending on circumstances 3 times a month may not be low. But, clearly, the 2 if you view sex regularity differently.

    My recommendation is leave him, unless you happen to married, then, seek counseling to assist in discussion of this.

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