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    My ex and I broke up a month ago. We went no contact that entire time until he texted me asking how I was and one thing led to another and we hung out. He says that he loves me and cares for me so much and that I will always be his girl, but he can’t date me and is not in love with me the reason we broke up was because of the disrespect on both ends. I want to make this work but he’s not in love with me so I don’t want to be needy. This site says there are ways to get your ex back and I just need help! Any tips? I love myself and respect myself that’s all I’ve been working on and then he came back into my life and I don’t think he is going away. Please how can I get this guy to move forward with me and fall back in love?

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    Oh sweetie.

    “I want to make this work out but he’s not in love with me so I don’t want to be needy.”

    Looking for ways to make someone do what you want them to do regardless of the fact that they want something else is extremely needy.

    If you love and respect yourself for the sake of it and not for the purpose of impressing him and winning him back, then this is the time to learn a new level of maturity and raise your standard to wanting only want men who want you as well.

    Question for you – how do you feel when someone leans on you to do something you don’t want to do? What happens? You resist. You don’t do it. The more someone is pushed the further away they run.

    Love isn’t about possession. It’s about voluntary choices. Why on earth would you want someone who doesn’t love you and doesn’t want you anymore?? Where are your pride and self esteem?

    If there’s any chance of him coming back to you, it’s because you moved on and you’re living your best life, not looking over your shoulder to see if he’s there. The less you care, the less attached you are to him or anything, the more likely it is what you want comes to you. But it can’t be a ploy or a strategy, it has to be you genuinely don’t care whether you have it or not. You’re perfectly fine without it. What you “need” you chase away.

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    I agree with AngieBaby, love yourself enough to know what you deserve. You want someone who is in love with you, obsessed with you (in a positive way) not someone who can’t give you what you want.

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