Kiss me on a seond date

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    I met a guy online and we have gone out for two dates. We kissed on the lips when we departed. However, I think he is not that into me as I feel that he is being too polite in front of me even though we enjoy talking with one another. I also feel that he is active online talking to others.

    What do you ladies think? I may probably not that invest in him but focus on others or other aspects of my life.


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    You have been on two dates. You should not be focused on him anyhow. We have no idea what he is thinking. At two date, he is most likely open to others.

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    Of course he is talking to other women and you should be talking to other men!

    This is so early in your dating. Dating is for working out if you like someone and it sounds like that is exactly what he is doing with you. I see no issue here aside from it seeming that you have higher expectations of him than he currently has about you.

    Relax, talk to other guys, carry on dating this guy if he asks and you want to see him but do not over invest of think ahead- its just too soon for all that.

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    This is actually a good mindset to have when dating!

    Its far too soon for him to know what he wants after only a couple dates with a stranger. He doesn’t know you well enough, nor do you know him well enough to draw any inference or conclusions. IF he asks you out again, there is something about you that he does like, and is at least interested enough to learn more about you. If they stop, only then can you really know—until then dating is a crap shoot!

    Agree with SS that you should not stop meeting or dating other guys until you are IN a relationship! Your job is to see what guy you click with, mesh with, and get along the best with out of the others. Only until BOTH of you want to pursue something, do you stop seeing or dating others to see how you mesh, as a couple. If you don’t mesh, you break up, and start over when your emotionally ready to date again.

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    Thanks for the good advice. I will adjust and this will also give me more chances too.

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