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    Feel free @ M to add your 2 cents to my comment.

    @ rina. I thnk you possibly cld be taking my opn as criticism. But i surely wasn’t crticising.. i totally resonated with what tallspicy said.. how you meet the guy is irrelevant whether online or when you out wid frnds. Just keep in mind that no matter where you meet, there are lots of such guys around. You may not hv indicated at all that your up for a quick casual f*”k. Yet thats all they want! So they try. At most what cld happen. You saying no. But on the offhand chance that you may say yes, they try. They r idiots. So you shldnt feel insulted bec his silly prepositions hv nothing to do with you! Its his mindset.

    I had met a guy when i was out with friends. Very very normal and decent exchange. So when he askd me out for a coffee, i agreed. Guess what? He like literally pounced on me. And he had the gall to say what else did u expect? I was disgusted and walkd out.

    I had a terrible experience when i was an intern. The big boss who was almost 25/30 yrs older, told me he adores me . And it left me disgusted and i blamed myslf for years! It tuk me ages to realise it was not me. And he was to blame and that this was sexual harassment at workplace.

    Feelin insulted is such a waste of our emotions. He certainly doesnt deserve it. :).

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    Consider that the more emotional investment you give to things totally out of your control, especially before you even know what you are looking at really disempowers you. To be empowered, you own your experience and choose to transform a reaction (dismay and disgust) to a response and meaning (won’t engage with this jacka$$, and dating is funny because of all these stage people).

    And since this guy knows your people, he is a bit of a toad, just stay away from him as he clearly has boundary issues. People in the circle are usually on best behavior.

    However, you did assume he wanted a hookup, you don’t know that, but you do know you were being treated casually by the facts: short time to meet, far travel without acknowledgement, last minute with no plan. All reasons to just say….. next

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    Well said tallspicy

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