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    I like a guy and he likes me back. I have known him for 3 months. He told me few things about his past relationships. He told me that he was friends with a girl. But, his friends told me that he was in romantic relationship with her. After confronting my guy, he told me the truth which was that he was in a relationship for a very short period. His friends also said that i look very similar to his ex. And my guy told me that i dont look like his ex. He said that just because of spectacles i look a little similar. Should i continue the relationship with him?

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    don’t understand really? what do you think is the problem? that you look like his ex or that you think he is lying?
    It is always good to know about past relationships, but notice, guys don’t really do that, they don’t ask how your ex looked like etc women tend to ask all those questions and they we get insecure because someone looked better, had better jobs etc.
    You said 3 months? are you dating or just being friends?

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    Liz Lemon

    I’d be more concerned that he lied about being in a relationship with her, than I would be concerned that you two might look similar. Otherwise i agree with everything Ewa wrote.

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