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    Liz Lemon

    And yes, the point of your topic is how to be vulnerable in a non-exclusive dating situation. But I would be careful about being too vulnerable with the type of guy you describe. He showed early on that his interest level was low, so it was a mistake to invest too much feeling and vulnerability into him. So its not so much of question of whether you should be vulnerable when dating- you should- but you have to know who is worth opening your heart to, and not emotionally over-invest in a guy who is dating other women.

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    Newbie, I agree with you in the last part. Before NYE everything was going well, so that came a bit unexpected. Even if I would have been dating him without the physical part, I liked him, I would have been sad that he chose not to spend NYE with me and offended after that sentence over text. I took a step back after that and was planning to ask about it from him when I see him in person (not over text or phone). Remind you, at this point I didn’t even know yet that it was a romantical interest female friend, I assumed it could be, but it wasn’t a conversation or questions to discuss over text. We didn’t manage to meet in person before last time and from there the discussion begin.

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    Liz Lemon, I answered partly about the situation on my last reply. He is not a bad guy and I really believe that he didn’t meant to rub it in my face or be rude… but it came out rude indeed.

    I can’t agree that he showed ealy on his interest level was low – until that point he did all the things “right”, he did spend nice and meaningful time with me, we have had some really sincere talks and moments, he met my friends, invited me to meet his friends events etc. It just changed because he probably fell out from his feelings. Well, it happens, can’t blame noone. Yet he took the effort to speak with me personally. I can’t say that he wasn’t the right person to be vulnerable with, because at some point last year we were pretty close with each other. It just changed. And I agree that I was ahead with my feelings.

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    “Is it wrong to show emotions and vulnerability?”

    Expressing (showing) emotion is vulnerability.

    So no, it’s not wrong.

    And everyone cries. I’ve probably cried 4 times this week already (lol).

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