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    I matched with this guy on a site Similar to tinder. We are around 16 years apart (Im the younger one)

    We went to a restaurant to meet up. We had a really good time just talking and eating a drinking a bit. He paid for everything then asked if I’d like to go to his place for wine (I’m not dumb, I know this is sex).

    Anywhoo, we go to his place. We talk some more about traveling, the wine and some other interesting. He starts to kiss me. It’s great. He then asks if I wanna go watch a movie in his room (again, i know were aren’t just gonna watch a movie)

    We go in, and basically have really great sex, his foreplay was great. Afterwards we cuddle and talk again and actually watch a movie.

    I tell him I should be leaving soo cuz I had to work the next day, he said I could stay the night. He let me borrow some basic toiletries. We cuddle and talk and have some more sex. And we do this throughout the night. We also have sex in the morning.

    2nd time, he takes me out to go eat and again pays for the meal even though I offer my share. We end up having a good time, and we go to his place and it’s very similar, talk, movie cuddle thdn spend the night.

    The 3rd night is very much late night booty call ish. I get to his place after wofk at 11:30pm. I had gone from my work to my place to change znd get my own toiletries this time.
    I had recently told him I like it a bit rough and am into more dominanting type stuff. Basically he does very well with listening to what I like. Then you know, cuddle night and thdn morning sex.

    4th night was GREAT sexually as omg, he did something very great sexually that I had asked. 100% delivered. But at like 3 am I realized I had gotten my period and I had nothing to you know, no pads etc.

    I am pretty embarrassed (no blood leaking or anything just light dpotting at this point.) But I still just wanna get out of there and go home and cry into chocolate icecream in the comfort of my place. So im quitely gathering my stuff to go, as to not wake him as he has an alarm set for two hrs later.

    He wakes up and asks me what I’m doing. I tell him I need to go. And he’s like “why?” And im honest, and just s*****y at lying, so I embarrassingly tell him I got my period, and he’s like, “but why you gotta leave?” And I’m like cuz like I don’t have anything for it, and he’s like ohhh. So we cuddle for a bit until I insist I need to go. He walks me to the door and sees me ouf kisding md goodbye insisting he’ll text me. But he has a really commanding job where it’s just not possible to text sometimes, so he’s really s*** at texting.

    And I’m just really nervous. I just got out of a 7 year emotionally abusive relationship I got into when i was 17. Im very afraid to catch feelings, and I kinda want this to stay sexual but I’m also just concerned that he wants more and that since he’s really really nice, when we fizzle out I’ll be hurt.

    And I’m just wondering if anyone thinks he may want more thzn sex or just sex? Like he’s hinted at going on real dates, but that just hasn’t really played out as we really both just really enjoy sex with each other.

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    If you want to keep it strictly sex, tell him upfront and then just enjoy yourself. When the time comes for it to end, be nice to him so you don’t have any regrets about hurting him.

    Helpful tip: As long as you have panties, you can use toilet paper, kleenex or even paper towels if you don’t have supplies on hand. :)

    Have fun. The freedom you have after you’ve been in a relationship is the most exhilarating time you’ll ever know.

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    He’s feeling you.. I don’t think it’s about sex.

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