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    What’s up yall. I have been with my lady for well over a year now and things are beginning to get rocky. She is the absolute sweetest and pure hearted woman I know. I feel like I’m losing her and it’s my fault. She says when she talks to me I seem so disengaged and I don’t call her when I say I am. I don’t let her know I’m good or do some check ins. She check in with me because she knows it puts me at ease that she is safe. No she doesn’t have to tell me her every move but she does check in when she reaches her destination and back home. She has been robbed and hurt before so it puts me even more at ease. She said she wants the same thing from me but I don’t know why I just can’t do it. It’s a simple text or few minute call. I can understand her being upset a little when I don’t. I find myself snapping on her sometimes as well when I had a bad day. She only tries to help and support me and I push her away with my attitude. She invites me out with her friends and family for couples date night and once again I gave her excuses on my mood and irritation. Sometimes I have my kid and she comes over to sit with us at the house and when I don’t she comes and sit in the house and we chill.
    Now she doesn’t even ask to go anywhere with her and family. They have lots of couples date night and game nights sometimes trips and she always invites me but now she doesn’t anymore. She doesn’t go without me. She just stays home. She is not so open with me anymore. Our conversation are about me and how she can help me feel better. I don’t know what to do. I hate my moods and I feel I’m losing her. She had a funeral today and she called me before she was leaving for it. I was at work but I answered. Looking back at that 1 minute conversation. I was not supportive at all. Smh. I just said “ok” when she said she was going to a funeral. And she paused and said “bye” ugh . She called again and told me when she got back home and I could tell she was hurting. She just said “letting you know I made it back” she denied needed anything and said she fine. I’m losing my girl what can I do.

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    I’ve told you this before: Grow the F up!

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    Put down your attitude and pride. Call her up and say you’re sorry you’ve been acting distant, unsympathetic and uninvolved.. Say you want to change. She is definately retracting and mimicking your behaviour.

    If you just have an impulse to do nothing. Maybe you are not interested or not worth it to yourself? Look within and ask yourself why you behave like that.

    She will leave if you keep this up.

    So turn it around

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