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    So I am 24 and was really scared to lose my virginity. One reason I was so scared is because so many people told me it hurt. Well it didn’t hurt. In fact I felt nothing. Not good, not bad, I barely felt anything. I couldn’t even tell if he was actually in other than the fact that he said he was. I even doubted it some. And he is at least average size, maybe a bit bigger than average.

    Has this happened to anybody? Any advice? Sorry I don’t know who to ask about this and I am pretty confused.

    Also, I am on the pill but we were using a condom too. Well the condom fell off, and he said he stopped shortly after. It was outside of me not inside, and it still had some stuff in it. FWIW…

    Any advice appreciated!

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    Yeah it’s not weird that your first time was not great. What do you need advice on?

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    I guess I want to know if its normal to feel nothing at all. I mean not great is one thing, but hardly even knowing it was in there is another. I guess I also wanted to know if it’s possible that he wasn’t inside me and thought he was. It was very dark, but he is also pretty sexually experienced so I assume he would know.

    Also, what could cause a condom to fall off? He told me that he has had lots of sex and that’s never happened before. And even though I was on the pill we were both really worried and within an hour I took EC ellaone. I know there wasn’t really a need but still…

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    I don’t see the issue here… I was 22 when i lost my virginity and I felt almost nothing (pain related).
    As for the condom slipping, I wouldn’t worry if you are on the pill but make sure it stays where it is next time, for the STDS. You never know.

    Just relax, these horror stories about losing the virginity being super painful are like Unicorns :)

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    Thanks Laura. And as for my feeling “almost nothing”, I didn’t mean “almost no pain” but rather, “almost no sensation at all”.

    And yeah, I am pretty upset about the condom. A bunch of ppl were telling me not to worry so much and just use a condom but I insisted on being on the pill as well. I guess I was right!

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    My concern is you saying that you didn’t even know it was in you except for him saying it was.

    That leads me to believe it wasn’t actually in you.

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    I lost my virginity at 24 as well and my first time was strange too. It was slightly uncomfortable, I bled a tiny bit and I didn’t feel any “feel good” sensations. It wasn’t until the second time we tried (like a week later) that my hymen actually tore (thus resulting in lots of blood).

    Maybe it’ll feel different the second time around. But to be clear–I didn’t start having enjoyable (for me) sex until almost two years later and with a different guy. Personally, I think it takes time to learn what works for you.

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    Oh, if you mean about sensations, well, I felt NOTHING at all :D, but I was pretty relaxed so it has been an enjoyable experience after all. It will get better in time, I promise! :)

    First times are almost never super great!

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    Did you pregame?
    Most women need to be stimulated before in order to enjoy V-sex

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    Also try different postures. Missionary is not the best. You on top and slightly leaning back is probably better.

    Just experiment and play. Sex gets better with practice

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    Was he fully hard? I’m just wondering if he went a bit soft? That would account for less sensation for you and the condom falling off. I know men quite often get quite nervous having sex with a virgin as they’re scared of hurting or upsetting her. Maybe his nerves got to him?

    It will most likely get better with experience.

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    Have you ever inserted other objects in your vagina? Multiple fingers, a whole fist, vibrators, dildos, cucumbers, carrots, or any other such large objects which may have been bigger than this guy’s boner?

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    I’ve only ever felt absolutely nothing once and that was with a man who was microscopic. Now I have a slight case of vaginismus so for me it’s almost always painful in the beginning. My current Bf being the exception, and he has the biggest penis I’ve ever been with (not that I have much experience tbh).

    Oh and my first time was extremely painful, even after plenty of foreplay and a Tiny penis. It’s not thát uncommon.

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    Been there done that

    I don’t understand how can it not be painful and stories of unicorn? You are inserting something in your body that has never been exposed to a penis. It could be that he wasn’t in, might be nervous to put it all in and just inserted the tip of it and took it out hence the condom fell out. I have two kids and even now I feel something is going inside me.

    Next time don’t do anything without a condom unless you are 100% positive he is yours and clean. You don’t want your first few times to be disastrous

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    Thanks so much for all the feedback guys. So we tried again the next night, and once again I got the suspicion he wasn’t actually inside me but just sort of rubbing himself against me. Both times we were in a prone position with him on top. Anyway so we decided to try me being on top, and in this case he could hardly get the tip in because it felt so weird and hurt me. So now I am pretty sure he was never in me at all! At least I am not pregnant, then, lol. But I guess I am pretty surprised he couldn’t tell that he wasn’t in me. Is that at all normal?

    Well I hope after practicing for a week I can actually have the thing in me. When we tried on top it felt so uncomfortable him trying to put it in there. Ugh I knew it felt too easy.

    Thanks again for the advice. I guess the only way is to just push it in and with bear the discomfort until I finally get used to i.

    Oh, and as far as the first time when the condom fell off, he said he came and then kept going because he wanted me to cum, even though he knew he should have stopped. But now I am pretty sure he was never in me.

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    I wouldn’t recommend to just “push it in”. I’ll be honest, my first time was excruciating and I had to get him to stop (and he was only half way in). Make sure you are totally relaxed and *really* aroused. That is of the utmost importance and was what a lot of my problem was, then try to ease in slowly at your pace. Good luck.

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    Thanks, Itsy. Why is it so fun for guys and so much work for women?! Grr, life is so unfair.

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    Oh, and to answer a question I have never had anything inside of me at all except maybe a tongue during oral. I have never used a tampon and I have never had a hand inside of me., not even my own. For some reason I am horrified by the thought of hand penetration but not a penis or oral. Weird I know…

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