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    Molly Bloom

    Hi everybody, this is the situation, my boyfriend will be out 6 months, we are half the way now, 3 months left. We see each other sometimes and we contact each other, usually every other day.

    Today we were having a conversation in whatsapp, he was very slow, but suddently one of his friends talked to him and he stayed online while talking to the friend and ignoring me.

    After half an hour I was mad, I’m currently having my spm, im not in the best mood, and I admit that I overreacted, I sent him a text all mad and we had a fight.

    Since then noone is talking, I feel bad, but I cant help being upset he ignored me when his friend talked to him, also with his friend he stayed online, unlike with me that he was sending me a text every 5 minutes.

    The thing is, should I apologize? Should I wait?

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    Better off single

    Face to face conversations are more important than text messaging.

    You are not the only person left in the world. So what if you weren’t important and someone else was for a whole day?

    Let him come to you. When men are silent, they are thinking. Even if it is to apologise, you wait.

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    Will be out of where in 3 months?

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