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    I recently returned from 5 years travelling, all my friends are married with kids & some (most) live miles away from me. I recently met a man who I really liked, but he wasn’t that invested in me & preferred to chat up one of my friends & allowed his workmates to openly slag me over Facebook. I broke up with him. He told me he was going to mail my pal (the same girl he repeatedly told me was extremely hot). I worried they was mailing behind my back. I went no contact with my friend and ex. Then after a week apologised to my friend for not trusting her. She’s politely explained her frustration that I don’t trust her & now? completely not replying to me. I feel alone. I’m going through a break up, my close friend has completely distanced herself, all my other friends are married/settled/not nearby to me for comfort. I spend my weekends by myself, when I finish work I am by myself. Im actually crying writing this. I feel super alone, and so down. Its getting to the point I feel like I have no purpose or meaning to my existence. May I also note I m not close to my family, since returning back from travelling 5 years ago? none of them have made any effort to see me (Im living in a city 50 miles away from my home town)

    The only thing going for me is I have a decent job, however all my workmates are 50+ so I dont socialise there.

    I literally dont know what to do with myself. Because I am so alone, all I seem to do is check on my ex’s social media, which is not healthy I know, but I just dont have no one in my life to talk to. I really am alone. Its like going travelling for 5 years has made everyones lives normal without me that I’m just no longer in anyones minds. I can go to the gym, but nothing stops this painful alone feeling. I have no idea how to get better.

    It seems like when I get a partner? because my life is so dull and empty? I get so so scared I will lose them because without them? I really have nothing.

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    Getting a man will not solve your “I have nothing” problem. Healthy good men do not want women with nothing going on in their lives.

    You have no idea how to get better? you have no idea how to find hobbies? You have no idea how to make new friends? What do you enjoy doing? What volunteer work could you do?

    Having a boyfriend will never fix your feeling of alone. Only you can fix that.

    Maybe get a therapist to help you.

    And as to your friend, give her a few weeks and then reach out and apologize again for acting insane and jealous.

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    Based on your writing style, have you posted as Sarah in “What to do” and “He’s had threesomes?”

    If you’re not, I apologize, but if you are, your stories don’t add up and I can’t help but wonder if you’re just spinning tales to see what feedback you can get from the regular contributors to this board.

    They take the time to read your stories and give you advice, and they don’t deserve to be jerked around.

    Again, if I’m being misled by the question marks you pepper throughout your posts, I apologize.

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    Paige, YES she has. Admin has now updated the other posts you are referencing to point that out.

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    Thanks, Kaye.

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    Liz Lemon

    I had the exact same thought, Paige. I suspect it’s the same poster. I noticed the writing style and use of question marks too.

    There are also weird inconsistencies in the post. She says at the beginning she just returned from 5 years of traveling, then says at the end that her family hasn’t tried to see her since she returned from traveling 5 years ago. The mention of her ex’s coworkers slagging her off on FB is directly taken from one of the other posts.

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