He thought he “lost me” … it’s only been two dates?

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    I’ve went out on two dates with a guy i met through a mutual friend, he’s super cute and funny. We text almost all day. Today was an off day because i was busy with my work and i couldn’t text him back as much. He texted me at 1:30 p. m. and the text said “hey what are you doing?”

    I didn’t see the text until 4:23 pm. As i was typing my reply he sent another text and it said “damn you blocked me” and i responded “no I’m at work”

    He then said “okay i thought i had lost you that quick”

    What did he mean

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    It means the both of you are children. All that texting.

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    Please back off on all this texting. You cannot maintain this amount of communication. Focus on getting to know each other in person. Plus no employer wants an employee texting all day long, you get paid to work not text.

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    Dangerouse you’re like the best adult I’ve ever seen for jumping so quickly to label others as children. Autograph please?

    Deviate from anything established as normal/routine in a relation and it will make anyone wonder. Not everyone will point it out, for different reasons, but everyone notices it. You texted tons everyday > suddenly you didn’t > he noticed and it made him wonder. So that part’s fairly normal and understandable

    Him assuming he’d lost you is a little insecure, maybe inexperienced? I appreciate his honesty because many could’ve felt the same but never voiced it.

    He seems transparent, which means you can easily ask him what he meant by it.

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    He’s needy & possibly controlling…

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