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    So I recently discovered I was cheated on. The guy I was seeing started seeing another girl about 4 weeks ago. We don’t have an open relationship at all, especially not a sexual one. I recently contacted the other woman, and she detailed everything to me about their relationship. We actually made a plan to confront this cheater, she would confront him in person and FaceTime me in during the conversation. Well that didn’t go as planned, because she totally scrapped that plan, and turned on me. She calls me on a three way FaceTime with him, they were both high as kites, she was completely taking up and speaking for him, and yes, she’s gonna stay with him! and “start fresh from here”. I was stunned but not surprised. On the call he to my face completely denied even dating me, said he never told me he had any feelings for me and said he always told me he was dating and talking to her. Lie after lie! Still! All to cover himself.At this point, these two deserve each other, she even had to the nerve to text me last night telling me I should respect their relationship and have boundaries blah blah. What a nerve! I just hope karma gets them both, any advice or tips on this situation or moving on? I’m really trying but I can’t believe this happened to me. A relationship born out of cheating, and I’m the one hurt and completely disrespected.

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    first thing you can do now that you know both of them are liars and cheaters, is to block them out from everywhere. and in case the lady or the guy get in touch for any reason, avoid. that’s the first step and only step i can think of. cut them out and move on in life. enough of this messy drama.

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    You are the lucky one in this bat sh!t crazy situation!

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    I went down this road last year with my ex and the girl he was cheating on me with. There’s a thread somewhere around here with some excellent advice. The best thing you can do for you is to block them everywhere and do not answer their calls. They are the type of people who like to seek out and create drama. The best thing you can do is not engage in it. It will be so much better for your mental health. Go out with your friends, write in a journal, take up a new hobby. Distract yourself from focusing on them and avoid them at all costs.

    She should not be calling you. He should not be calling you. It’s just an attempt to drag you into their drama.

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    Liz Lemon

    It totally sucks! But just remember, whatever he did to you, he’ll do to her. I’m willing to bet he cheats on her with a side chick. I know it hurts, but just try to be glad that you walked away from this $hitshow. Gaia has good advice about not engaging with them, blocking them completely, and distracting yourself with friends/family/hobbies/exercise/whatever.

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    This is why you don’t talk to the “other woman.” Biiiig drama. You find out for sure there’s someone else – you just walk.

    These two deserve each other – a matched set of losers. Don’t waste any time being hurt over this, be grateful you found out and are free of him.

    Block and move on to something worth your time and energy, don’t look back.

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