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    About a month ago, this guy I’ve been talking to (LDR) for about a year and a half had a life altering experience. His role model, his grandfather, passed away. For a while he was taking care of him so i think it might’ve hit him harder. With everything going on in the world things just got worse and worse for him. One day, he said something extremely rude and unnecessary to me and although I’m there for him, I let him know it was uncalled for. He stopped texting me for a week but was online Instagram. I blocked him from there for my peace of mind, and from time to time (like once of twice) he would respond and say “I’m sorry I’m just going through a lot” and leave me on read again. Later I found out he was streaming on twitch again and he seems like he is doing better but he has still not messaged me, I message him regularly (maybe once a day) to just let him know I’m here for him and that if he needs anything I got his back, but still no response. I’m supposing he no longer wants me around. I don’t know anymore. Should i stick around and be supportive during this time like I said I would? Or leave for my own mental health? It drives me crazy.

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    Never be a mans therapist, you will fix him up for someone else. It kills attraction. Lose his number.

    Only support people who support you? Does it sound like he is to you?

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    You have a penpal which can be nice but its hard to build a real bond. So when things fall apart, they fall quite fast. I think this has run its course. No matter how sad or upset he was, he didnt need to be rude to you. Now he is not responding at all. No way i would text a guy every day for support when he doesnt acknowledge my existence. Grow some balls and dont support guys who you dont really know

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    Would you react the same if this were one of your girlfriends?

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