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    Hi a guy was pursuing me at work but I am not interested. I made it clear with “no no, no”.

    We are not FB friends, obviously, but his friends are showing up on my PYMK list every other day. Specifically his kids and other people I have never met. I have never looked at his profile or anyone else he knows.

    I also got a FB notification that my account was temporarily locked and to change my password. Which I did.

    Does this mean someone was trying to enter my password too many times? I wonder if it may be him as he suddenly shows up at places I go, then coming over to talk. I just walk away by the way as he is a bit creepy.

    Any opinions?

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    FB’s notifications are bogus. When I had my FB deactivated one time I’d still get similar emails. I figured out if it was their sly attempt to make me come back. Because no one knew the email associated with my FB account. And it’s an email no one would think of creating, let alone try to login with it. Busted, FB

    If he looked you up on facebook, that makes him a normal facebook user not a stalker. Haven’t met anyone who’s never looked up someone else on fb. Are you posting the places you go to on fb? Then stop doing that and you’ll know if it’s coincidence or he’s truly stalking you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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