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    We’ve been friends for 5 years. And it’s quite a cute story to be fair, I’m just scared and would like some other peoples opinions/perspective on the whole situation.

    So basically I’ve liked him since college, but after new years the unexpected happened and he had said he wanted to kiss me on new years. I was not long out of a relationship at this point, and neither was he. We broke up with our partners around the same time actually.
    Now, because we were only out of relationships about 2 months, we were kinda of like, friends with benefits would be fun. Nothing ever came about of it though and then

    My ex came back into the picture, and well, I got sucked back into to that toxic “relationship” again with my ex. Even though me and my ex said we were “just friends”, as the months went on it was basically like we were in a relationship, doing things couples would do but not actually in a relationship. Yeah it f*****d with my head. that’s why 3 weeks ago now I finished with him and I’m so much happier.

    So while I was in this toxic “relationship” with my ex, my friend was always there for me. And we’d talk about how we felt about each other and say things like “I wonder what it would be like”. He was the one that helped me basically, break up, with my ex. Now since I’ve finished with my ex, things have been, how should I say it, progressing? With my friend. I see him like twice, three times a week. I kissed him for the first time like 3 days ago. Everything seems to be going really well. I do like him alot. I finally think I found myself one of the rare ones, the good guy. But what I’m scared of is,

    I feel like I miss out on red flags and get caught up in this ‘fantasy’ in my head. And then, theres always a catch, or something goes wrong. What I’m scared of is, does he want a relationship with me, or does he just want in my pants?

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    Take things s l o w…

    Just remember, you are both in Rebound City Limits.

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    You seem to be in a hurry to be in any kind of relationship, toxic or not. If i were you i would spend some time why you stayed so long in the other relationship why you knew perfectly well it wasnt good. To me that says you want to be in a relationship so bad, you even work against yourself. Youre young, you can fix that. On your own. Find your own footing, your authentic self, your inner soul and drive. Because there in lies the key to happiness and is also way more attractive to normal guys who are not keen on drama.

    When it comes to the friend. You never know but dont be in such a hurry to find out. If he has been a good friend, thats precious anyway. I dont see him actively working hard for it and i cant blaim him. So fresh out of a relationship you couldnt even get out of on your own. Go date yourself first

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