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    I met a guy online.I was clear I wanted a bit of fun.He said he was on site to see how things go.One of my reasons for having a fwb is I’ve found in past I have tried dating and found that guys played me.I gave up on dating scene and found having a fwb was less complicated and I didn’t get hurt. I’ve had a couple in past and they’ve worked well.

    After few wks we met.Instant spark,amazing sex.He text as soon as he left.kept texting.Asked to see me next day.We met same thing happened again.Then couple of days no texts(weekend).Monday morning he texts asking how I am and that he missed me.I ignored the missing me part of text.Later in text he asks if I missed him.I again ignored this said I had to go.

    He continued to text every day.Texts consists of general chat plus sexting( sexting is normally instigated by me). He asks to meet during that week but I was busy.By Friday he’s texting a lot and again says he misses me.I then reply I miss you too.I felt by this time I was liking him more.The saturday he asks to see me.Drives 2 hours to do this.He stays over.Then texts me everyday after.

    In texts he seems insecure and to have low self esteem and says he fails when it comes to relationships(ex cheated on him).I have told him now that I like him a lot and he’ll say things like why me you could have anyone.How I’m far better than him.

    In a recent text he asked to see me and said only if you want to lol.I replied of course I do but only if you do lol(messing around).He then replied are you serious I always want to see you when I can.He’s also made remarks about how I’m always in his head/Can’t stop thinking about me.

    I’m starting to find that the things he says and does gets me thinking about him more and wanting him.I will then tell him that I like him or something nice but he then seems to pull away.I get less texts.

    Thing is I’m not sure if he’s being completely honest and does genuinely like me more than a fwb or whether its a case of giving me the lines to keep me for himself.He has made comments about hope He satisfied me.And seems a little threatened by other guys that might be interested in me.
    Please can you shed some light on his behaviour

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    How long have you been together now?

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    We’ve only been seeing each other a month.

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    Stop telling him you like him or you’ve missed him. See if it does actually make a difference. Sounds like he loves the chase, wants to pull you in with the nice stuff he says but then as soon as he achieves it he pulls away. Just be wary and keep your guard up for now.

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    Thanks Lea thats the feeling I get.At the beginning before we met I wasnt that interested & he chased me.Even after we met I kept my cool.Didnt initiate contact & he continued to chase & tell me things like he missed me which I ignored.As soon as I respond with nice stuff he has pulled back.
    This is all a bit weird because it was just suppose to be fwb.
    Ive now not heard from him for two days but have decided its best not to initiate contact & see if he comes to me.Also if he does come back I feel I should play it i did initially.
    I hate playing these silly games but I think its the only way.

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    Having the same experience but O contact is the key !! Then he realized he will miss you and back to you again lol if he asking I you miss him don’t tell the world he wants to hear lol ! Tell him it’s dependents lol so play his same game I did it and then he came back again and again lol I’m
    So tired about his games but if he wants play so let’s go play and leave him thinking of you all the time !

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    Maria, thats a 5 year old post. Besides the lol’s im not sure if youre saying youre happy with the fwb or breadcrumbs or not at all. Lol

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