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    I met this really cute guy at a bar a few weeks ago and we ended up sitting and talking for like an hour. We were sitting really close together and talked about so many things and had a great convo. Halfway thru, he was like you are SO pretty, can I please have your number, will you please text me, etc. He was sober and we didn’t kiss or anything, but he texted me later that night. Since then, we’ve been talking like everyday or every other, having pretty substantial convos.

    He insinuated wanting to hang out in person, but then left for college and kept expressing how sad he was that he couldn’t hang out and all this stuff. He even was like how often are you in my college town, etc. We keep texting and he will send me like 15-20 texts at a time, telling me to have an amazing day, other cute things.
    And then, I found out that he has a girlfriend thru social media?

    I’m so confused because he wasn’t necessarily trying to hook up that night and wasn’t drunk, but literally has been texting me almost everyday. He’s never mentioned her and It sucks cuz I did like him. I feel dumb and wonder if I misinterpreted him being friendly for flirtation?

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    Ask him if he was going to tell you about “insert girlfriends name” and if he was just looking for a friend. That’s the only way to know. It sounds like he hasn’t done anything terribly inappropriate yet (unless those cute texts are flirty). He may be poly, be in an open relationship, be a cheater, etc. No one knows but him and the only way you will know is to ask.

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    Ask him, What would your girlfriend say if she knew you were texting me?

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    If a guy tells me I’m pretty then asks for my number I’m going to assume he’s interested. Not disclosing he has a girlfriend is a lie in my eyes.

    Either way, I’d stop all contact with him before this gets even further.

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    Meeting a girl in a bar, chatting her up, telling her she’s SO pretty and getting her number, and texting her on a daily basis is way out of line for a guy who already has a GF. I’m with Khadija. Hard pass on this one. What he does to the last one he’ll do to you.

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    Should I call him out and say something?

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    Either say what Raven suggested or just cut him off. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on someone like this.

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    T from NY

    Like all you have to read is the title of your post

    Bye Felicia

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    T from NY

    PS. Spend your energy on YOU

    Never try to riddle out men who have proved already that they are a## hats.

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    I wouldn’t be too overly concerned if he’s in college. At that age we were in and out of relationships because we often met and liked someone better lol.

    I would just be upfront that you stalked his FB page and noticed he had a GF. He will do one of two things: 1) Bounce/disappear; or 2) tell you the status of that relationship.

    There were a few times I had a BF when I met and started to “talking” to another guy, then dumped the BF. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean its a deep meaningful long-term love kind where in many cases its a bout of short-term infatuation that fizzles out.

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    I don’t believe you could build a foundation, which is based on trust, since he interacted with you while having a gf. I would move on.

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    Since when is slimy behavior tolerated?!

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    Well update, I sent him a snarky text about him forgetting about his girlfriend and he sent a paragraph that he apologizes for “misleading me”. And that he loves his girlfriend very much, but that I’m really really sweet and cool and funny and he’s loved getting to know me lol.

    Seemed like such a bulls*** apology and he very clearly crossed several lines you shouldn’t when you’re in a relationship.

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    Yup, a truckload of BS!

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    ROTFL. Guys who love their girlfriends very much don’t act like they’re single and hit on other girls in bars. He’s an idiot. Good thing you checked out his social media before you got in too deep with him.

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