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    Hi , I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for a while now and we are getting to spend the weekend together on a trip this week. We already have a sexual relationship but I still feel nervous over the small things ie no make up at bedtime and using the toilet etc . I know it sounds ridiculous as we are really close and committed to each other. I’m just feeling a little anxious. Any tips would be appreciated x

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    You’re WAY overthinking…
    Breath, relax & enjoy your relationship-

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    Put some Poo-pouri in your bag-

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    Buy some ViPoo!

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    Haha. This takes me back.

    I was similar with my first gf on first nights together. Where I’d go to the other, far away bathroom in the middle of the night just so I didnt wake her up. Or just be too shy to go to the bathroom when laying together. I’d even flinch from kisses in the morning until I had brushed my teeth because I’d be too concerned about my morning breath.

    And as for the no makeup part. A lot of men like their women with no makeup. I’ve even asked for no-makeup morning pics because I found someone so gorgeous in the morning. Something so wifey-esque about that look

    Some of that anxiety might be a part of you no matter what. But for the most part, worry not. Soon you won’t care, and will be comfortable around him. Let that fart rip from time to time. Enjoy yourself

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    Here’s the way around the first morning awkwardness. This will make both of you forget about morning breath, make up, hair do, etc…

    A long edging session with an explosive ending. At that point he won’t care if you have nose hair long enough to braid.

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