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    Ex and I broke up 9 mos ago. Suddenly out of the blue he wishes me a wonderful 2021. I wanted to be polite so I texted back I hope he has one too.

    The next day he starts texting about how stressed he is at work. The last thing I want is to listen to someone gripe about their life.

    Does replying to a new year greeting give an ex a licence to dump all over you? I’m ticked off but don’t want to be rude or appearing to be a cold, unfeeling witch.

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    Just don’t engage with him. Nothing wrong in replying happy new year to him but you don’t have to continue to chat if it’s done and you have no desire for friendship

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    No. Firstly, you have no obligation to answer.

    A. The nice answer: i am sorry to hear that, I am sure you will sort it out!….. and then not respond again.

    B. The not so nice answer: I am sorry to hear that. While I appreciate this is difficult, we are no longer together and I am sure you have some others to support you.

    Then not respond again. The reason it is bad is because he reached out to get attention, not be kind of connect

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    Hi Maddie
    Not sure how long you two dated or why you broke up but could be he felt you were willing to listen to him. You know him better than us to understand why he would vent to you about his work after 9 months of no contact (I assume). If you feel that the breakup warrants no friendship/communication with him then responding back with “sorry you are dealing with this but I am not the person to vent to, have my own stuff to deal with” would be appropriate.

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    I would just block him. Don’t worry what he might or might not think. You’re not dating anymore. Who cares?

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    My response would be, Why are you telling me this?

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