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    This whole thing is just wild to me and I feel you are getting played most likely.

    Sorry to be so harsh but seeing as you’ve never met, he could very well be married, talking to multiple women online the same way he does with you, just using you to pass time until he finds an available women he likes that lives closer to him, the list goes on and on…

    You’ve invested a lot of time and emotions on someone who may not even be real. What if he’s going through a divorce or separation and he’s just using you as a way to escape from reality?

    Introvert or not, nothing about this seems right. You’re intentions might be pure but I highly doubt his are.

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    You. Have. Never. Met. Him. Read that again please.

    No one on here is trolling. We give advice because we care.

    I stand by my original comment- which you ignored along with everyone elses. This is not real. It can’t be real because you don’t really know this man. Its ridiculous to spend 6 months of your life on a man you have never met in person. What if you meet in person and its awkward, he smells bad, he has an annoying habit, he lied about his height??? Any of those things and many more could be your reality if you even actually ever meet.

    I’ve chatted to men in depth, thought that we vibed great, met them in person and there was zero chemistry! It happens.

    I’m not a troll. I’m not being mean, but you need a reality check. This is all pure fantasy.

    You. Have. Never. Met. Him

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    Agree with others in that you have zero clue what you are getting into here. Ever hear of “Catfish?” Not saying he’s one but a smart lady wouldn’t put herself in the position of becoming an ’emotional nursemaid’ to a man she’s never met, who lives on the other side of the world, who comes with a warning label of mental health issues.

    He is not an introvert. Introverts are fully capable of having normal conversations, and socializing with people, albeit not as much as extroverts but enough that they can live a very successful life without any issues. My eldest son is an extrovert yet he’s excelled in not only school but his career so I call BS. He is known as ‘a recluse’ or ‘hermit.’ Those types of people are severe cases on the anti-social scale. Although he may be opening up to you, he will not go out, will not travel, will not go on ventures, will not move, will not hang out with friends, social groups, etc. You and he will get to live in his little bubble/cocoon along with his family because this is what you will be signing up for.

    You are a co-dependent. I define a co-dependent as someone who is compelled to create order out of disorder. You will eventually exhaust yourself trying to fix someone who’s unfixable. All I’m going to say is you are too stubborn to see how crazy this all sounds to normal regular everyday people. What has your family/friends said about all this? Sorry, don’t mean to be harsh but I’m going to say it as bluntly as I can: You aren’t wearing rosy glasses, you’re wearing a blindfold.

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    Ugh…Meant to say my oldest son is an INTROVERT (not extrovert). I wish this site allowed you to edit your posts.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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