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    Found boyfriends blocked numbers…said he blocked them before we got together. Of course I looked them up-they were past situationships. Is that a good sign? I don’t know any men who block women, usually they like to keep the door open. So I’m wondering if they cut him off and he blocked? Either way, is this a good sign???

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    not a good sign that you are checking your bf’s phone, whether he allows it or not…
    I wouldn’t say blocked women are a good sign , in my experience I have learned , when I was blocked is when I talked to someone who was already in a relationship without me knowing.
    I am assuming you have read the messages if you say they were past situationships.
    Regardless if your bf feels the need to block women instead of them telling them it’s over, I have a gf, it is not a good sign. You clearly have trust issues caused by something he did or is doing.

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    Why were you snooping?

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    Things obviously did not end well or properly with them if they were blocked. He might have ghosted and blocked them, or maybe and hopefully the women may have been persistent and he wanted to be left alone. Did he say why he blocked? what concerns me though is the amount of women that are blocked as you indicated it’s more than one. Seems a little shady.

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    I don’t think this matters or is a sign of anything. People can block others when something ends for various reasons and then forget that they’re even on the block list because after a while it’s no longer important. They’re not part of his life anymore, and how he chose to move on isn’t really your business. It’s not a gender specific thing, either. Some people block when moving on, some don’t. Some unblock when they’ve moved past it, some don’t.

    The posters asking why you’re snooping are asking the right questions. Are you concerned this means he’ll ghost on you at some point? Why did you double check the numbers after he told you they had nothing to do with you and the blocks happened before you met?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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