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    Accidentally saw on his phone bits of a conversation from unsaved number while he was showing me something on his phone. From what I saw it was flirty so I’m assuming it’s a girl.

    Not sure what I should do or how I should approach this. I don’t think he realized that I saw it.

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    It was an unsaved number. That makes it more likely the message was from a company, telemarketing, Russian scam Artist, national security alert than a flirty girl. So what exactly do you see that was flirty? And could have not been a flirty guy?

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    There was the moon/hide notification symbol on conversation header and something about “baby blues”, “how’s this weekend” – my BF has blue eyes.

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    Yeah ok this is above my social media level paygrade. A moon/hidden notification from some one you havent saved the number? Is that even possible? Baby blues also means postnatal depression. But ok its problably not that.
    But anyway if its eaten you up, cant you just ask in person (not on text) you saw that text showing up and wondering who it was from.

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    How is not talking about this with your BF serving you? If you can’t be open and honest with him then you don’t have a solid relationship. I would have outright taken the phone or asked him point blank who the heck he’s meeting because I have zero desire to pussy foot my way through life…those who do just get run over, or treated like a doormat.

    If he’s meeting up with someone else to have sex, you have the right to know, and should know. Just sayin.

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