Almost a year of dating and he doesn’t love me yet?

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    My boyfriend and I met in March of 2019 and things seemed to be going great for our relationship. Of course we have our downs, but we have the greatest ups and I can tell he cares about me a ton. He has been deployed for the past 6 months and the long distance thing has kind of put a strain on our relationship so I’m maybe thinking this has something to do with the lack of love, but he will be back next week. Last night we had a conversation about being in love and he told me that he hasn’t gotten there yet because he still needs certain things from me (better emotional support, reliability), but that he really likes me and that kills me inside. Should I break this relationship off since it’s been almost a year and he doesn’t love me, or should I wait it out since he’s been deployed for 6 months and we haven’t gotten to physically be together?

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    By “lack of love” I mean his love developing for me. I definitely feel loved through his actions.

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    Sorry Honey, You’re a placeholder…

    He’s making (poor) excuses & blaming You…

    What exactly does ‘better emotional support, reliability’ mean?

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    Due to his deployment, he had to leave right around the time the honeymoon stage begins to leave and the real person starts showing. If you two had been together this whole time, I’d say to RUN because he’s stringing you along. However in this situation, I think he’s being honest and is still interested in getting to know you more. Instead of bombarding him with talk of Where is this going? and What are your feelings? you need to keep your emotions in check and make sure you are not coming across as needy or desperate. Make sure you have lots of other social activities and hobbies, and see how things naturally unfold.

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    Raven, my boyfriend has depression and issues with PTSD. Due to him being away and this being my first relationship with a guy that has these problems, I didn’t know how to handle it properly and be there for him like he needed me to.

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    I think he’s asking a lot from you.. These are his issues that HE needs to get help with from professionals.

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    This is not about You… but- you can not fix his ‘needs’

    Guys like this need therapy- a lot of therapy.
    Please put Your needs as priority.

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