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    I had 3 dates with a guy , who is pretty new to the town we live in. He is 28 and from Cyprus , I am 31 and we both live in England. He only recently moved to my city to be a dentist, so he currently lives with his mate, doesn’t drive etc.
    Like I said earlier we had 3 dates, but here in England we cannot do much because of lockdown so it is either walk or my place.
    Question I have here is I am used to the guys who are very forward and usually try to kiss me or even sleep with me on a first date, but this guy… 3 dates and not even a kiss.
    I can see that he is a bit old fashioned but since I am not used to it I am starting to feel weird about it.
    He already planned another 2 dates with me, one during this week and another one over the weekend. I have not questioned his level of interest or anything like that, I would never ask a guy if he is interested btw
    So my question is , is 3 dates and not even a kiss normal?

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    as you said its just been 3 dates and you think hes a little old fashioned. dont rush. meet him a few more times and then see how it goes. in one of your conversations, you could perhaps discuss/ask how people date in his country. maybe that will give you some idea. just meet him a few times and then decide.

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    Liz Lemon

    I had to kiss my bf on our 3rd date because he was too shy/nervous to do it. (We’re both Americans in the USA). He clearly wanted to, but was hesitant because he really liked me and didn’t want to screw up. I just leaned in and did it. It’s been 3 years and we’re still together and he’s not shy about kissing me anymore :-)

    The point is, not all guys are extremely forward or sexually aggressive. Especially with a woman they really like, and don’t know well. I actually found it really endearing that my bf was not all over me during our first few dates. We both felt a strong connection, but we just talked and laughed, but we really bonded. He was very respectful and it was clear he liked me but didn’t want to cross any boundaries.

    This guy might be the same. Do you get the impression he’d like to kiss you? Is there chemistry and physical attraction? If there is, does he need a little encouragement? Once I gave my bf that one kiss, he was much more relaxed knowing he had the green light, and after that was more forward about initiating kissing, making out, etc.

    Every situation is different and you have to decide what works for you. But to answer your question, I think it’s possible for a guy to like you and still not have kissed you on a 3rd date. If he’s from a foreign country, he may be worried about offending you, or not sure of the “rules” about dating where you live, or he may just be old fashioned.

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    So we’ve met again and we finally kissed, he even stayed over but nothing happened before you ask 😀 he wanted to meet today but then he messaged saying that he is too tired.
    Question I’ve got here is he doesn’t really text, he only text to arrange a date and nothing really in between. Again I’m not used to that . I know that spending time with someone is more important than texting but I’m keen to see what’s your opinion about it . Thank you

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