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    I would love a guy’s perspective on this situation!! Because so many women often say “give him a sign” but many men have gone on record saying they’re not good at reading signs! So what is it that I can do so he knows he has the green light to kiss me?!? (I’m not against texting him right now tell him he better kiss me on date #4 if I knew that this was in fact a good idea… So, gentlemen?

    So I met this guy and we’ve gone on three dates and he hasn’t kissed me!
    1st date – we met for dinner and then went back to his place with the intention of going back out (he lives closer to the downtown area so it was just easier to meet up there and take a taxi out) BUT I saw his record collection and we ended up talking and listening to old records til 5am

    2nd date – went to an old school arcade/bar and had a blast

    3rd date – he took me to a hockey game. On the train ride back to his place he was complaining of a migraine (from all te flashy lights from the stadium). By the time we get back to his place he still looks in bad shape – so I ask if he’s sure he’s ok and he says yeah, and I guess I made a face because he’s like “well I can tell you’re not convinced so im going to go to bed”
    So we hugged and I left.

    He’s such a gentleman but I want him to kiss me! I don’t mind making the first move, but need advice in how!
    He did tell me he’s moving to Chicago in June – so maybe he’s worried about starting something, but I don’t think that’s te case because we’ve made plans to see eachother again.
    I know this isn’t going to be a long-term dating thing because he’s moving, but I have very little dating experience and I really like his company, so I think it’s a good idea to keep seeing him because it’s good practice/experience. (This isn’t something he and I have talked about – should I bring it up?)

    I realize there’s so much advice on this type of subject from women, but I’d really like a guy’s perspective please! Afterall, this is a guy we’re dealing with

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    If he’s moving in a few months, that explains why no kiss. Doesn’t want to get that involved. You have a friend until June.

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    The guys that I meet/date kiss me on the first date, right away.

    Men are always telling me over and over and over and over again “You are soo damn sexy” maybe that’s why I’m always getting the fade out from men…(LOL)

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    I’ve had a similar experience. We went on three dates and we were getting along really well. By the third date when I left, we just hugged and slowly lost communication over the next few days. This tells me he was just looking for a friend and could be similar to what your guy is doing. Or he could just be shy. I would wait until the fourth date and if he doesn’t seem like he’s going to kiss you, then make the first move.

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    He didn’t know he’d be moving until just before the third date – so idk why he didn’t kiss me on dates 1 and 2… plus, these were expensive hockey tickets – why would he spend that money on me if he was just going to want to be friends? And why would he make future plans?

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    I am in the exact same position. I have been on three wonderful dates with a guy but no kiss.. I have convinced myself I have been friendzoned. We shall see.. but I am against making that move and kissing him first. I’ve been very receptive in accepting dates and on the dates so it’s in his court.

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